How to Clear Cache on Android Box?

This post talks about ‘How to Clear Cache on Android Box?‘ in 5-easy to do steps.

Android Box running a little slow? Does every app or video feed you open stutter or buffer or feel sluggish in general? There may be a cache issue that needs to be fixed.

clean cache android

Cleaning or clearing the app cache on your Android Box can significantly improve performance, especially if you’re running many page content or HD video feeds through Kodi.

Below is a tutorial on how to clear individual app and video caches on your Android Tv box. The steps are simple and do not require any hacking or jail breaking. It should only take a few minutes of your time.

Once you know how to do it, you can clear your video cache regularly for optimal device performance. Otherwise, the cache will keep growing, which can lead to all sorts of errors down the line.

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How to shop on Aliexpress USA or Aliexpress Australia? (Free $4 Coupon Inside!)

This post answers all your question when you plan to shop at Aliexpress USA or Aliexpress Australia.

aliexpress usa

Aliexpress is the next big thing to shop online. You can buy the latest fashion, electronics, accessories, phone products, consumer items, bags, watches, jewelry, toys, home, and improvement goods, etc. all at one location.

We all know that Aliexpress is the post child of eCommerce, founded by the great Jack Ma, who truly believes in customer satisfaction. has indeed come a long way in becoming the global eCommerce leader across the world with presence in several countries. But, can we trust Chinese products is a question that haunt everyone of us.

We would say if you trade with caution and follow the standard steps, you can easily land up with a product that is of top-quality at a cheaper price from Aliexpress.

So quickly read our post below, where we have answered all your questions on how to shop on

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Free Live TV Streaming Channels Canada Edition

This post lists the most popular free live tv streaming channels Canada Edition. Yes, you have heard it right, we have sourced the internet and have comes with a collection in different groups to get you live tv channels that you can stream at home.

These live channels are completely free and available easily on the internet.

free live tv streaming channels canada

You do not need to install many apps on your device or your Android TV Box. No more complicated installations of Kodi or any other apps.

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How Much Data Does Roku Use? – Test Results Revealed!

Roku provides a new dimension for music and video streaming. It adds a lot of excitement to your life. If you’re a Roku user, you’ve probably observed Roku’s data usage trend. But which do you know which app consumes the most data on Roku TV?

How much data does Roku use?

Nobody wants unpleasant shocks when it comes to internet data usage. However, it is important to note that different streaming services need varying amounts of data. So, if you know how much data several popular streaming services use, you can approximate how much data your Roku uses.

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How to Reset MXQ Box – 5 easy Steps to Soft & Hard Reset Your Box

This post will provide you with the process to Reset MXQ Box – Android TV streaming device in 5-easy steps. We have listed 2-easy-to-do methods, one involves performing a soft reset of your MXQ box, and the other involves doing a hard reset of MXQ 4k streaming box.

reset mxq box

MXQ Pro 4k streaming box is one of the most popular Android IPTV boxes available in Canada. The streaming Android TV box is quite affordable and comes with the very powerful Quad-Core ARM GPU and Amlogic CPU, which is quite efficient to easily stream movies and TV content. You can also stream in full HD and up to 4k video content over the internet.

We have covered a detailed review of the MXQ Pro 4k streaming box, which you can read here.

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How to Upgrade and Perform Software Update on a MAG Box

upgrade firmware MAG Box In this post, we will walk you through the process of updating the firmware of your MAG set-top box.

It lists the most common steps that you will need to manually update your MAG box with the latest software software updates for all the version of MAG boxes available in the market.

It is strongly advised that you use an ethernet network cable throughout this process to guarantee that your MAG box has an active internet connection at all times during upgrade.

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Learn All About BuzzTV Server Setup – 8 Easy Steps to Get IPTV

This post will provide you all the information about BuzzTV server setup, including a step-by-step options to setup IPTV service on your BuzzTV box. We have already covered a detailed review on the box on our post at:

BuzzTV Server Setup

From the above post, you can see that the BuzzTV XPL 3000 is a full-fledged IPTV-focussed set-top box that gives you the best cable-like user experience, coupled with a faster and stable processor.

With the BuzzTV box, you do not need to install any additional IPTV apps, which needs to be done on Apple or Android boxes apps.

Moreover, you get a powerful GPU, 4 times faster CPU, 4K UHD capability, support for h265 video format, etc. that makes the BuzzTV an all-rounder streaming box.

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How to Factory Reset MAG 324 IPTV Box?

This post will walk you through the step-by-step method of restoring a MAG 324 set-top box to its factory default settings. It will help do a soft factory reset MAG 324 IPTV box through detailed illustration.

The box should be conveniently accessible before continuing since the key reset hole is found on the left side of the box.

Since the reset hole is so small, you’ll need to use a paper clip (or something similar) with one of the ends bent outwards to help you push and keep the button pushed for reset.

factory reset MAG 324

Sharp devices, such as pins or needles, should be avoided as they can affect the reset button.

You would still need to get the box plugged in, wired up, and attached to your TV when it is turned on.

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How to Setup AVOV TV Online for IPTV?

In this post, you’ll learn the steps on how to setup AVOV TV Online for IPTV or to watch streaming content on the device.

The AVOV TVOnline is an IPTV set-top box that supports 4K UHD streaming. The AVOV TVOnline is an Android-powered IPTV box that runs Android 5.1 and is designed with AVOV’s latest middleware called Nova2.

Setup AVOV TV Online

The middleware isn’t quite flawless for streaming online internet content, but it is a decent option for viewing your IPTV and video-on-demand movies and TV shows.

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How to Fix Freezing And Buffering on MAG IPTV Box?

This post provides you the steps to troubleshoot and help you fix freezing and buffering issues on MAG IPTV Boxes.

If you own an IPTV set-top box, such as the common MAG 250, MAG 254, MAG 322 or MAG 410, you might be one of the users who often encounter image freezing or sluggish channel loading.

It’s a nuisance because it can ruin your television viewing experience which, if constant, makes watching TV shows and movies almost impossible.

mag box

The live TV setup is disrupted by constant freezing and sluggish loading, and you end up turning it off.

But don’t give up because there are normally a few quick checks you can do to fix this issue and get your MAG box running at peak capacity so you can watch shows with uninterrupted downloading with no freezing.

In this post, we’ll walk you through all of the steps needed to properly identify why your MAG box is freezing and what you can do to fix it.

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