How to Factory Reset MAG 324 IPTV Box?

This post will walk you through the step-by-step method of restoring a MAG 324 set-top box to its factory default settings. It will help do a soft factory reset MAG 324 IPTV box through detailed illustration.

The box should be conveniently accessible before continuing since the key reset hole is found on the left side of the box.

Since the reset hole is so small, you’ll need to use a paper clip (or something similar) with one of the ends bent outwards to help you push and keep the button pushed for reset.

factory reset MAG 324

Sharp devices, such as pins or needles, should be avoided as they can affect the reset button.

You would still need to get the box plugged in, wired up, and attached to your TV when it is turned on.

The steps mentioned in this post are purely informational and if you do not have the technology understanding on how to factory reset MAG 324 box, then you can contact your local seller.

Factory Reset MAG 324 – Complete Illustration

In our previous post, we spoke about How to Fix Freezing And Buffering on MAG IPTV Box?. This is a continuation on our series on fixing MAG Boxes.

If you possess a MAG 322 IPTV set-top box, there may be times when you need to do a complete factory reset.

Typical scenarios include when the box is locked by an IPTV provider and you need to change the IPTV provider in the portal settings, selling the box to another person, or purchasing a MAG box that has to be erased before usage.

Whatever the cause is, this following section will walk you through the whole step-by-step process of resetting your MAG 322 box to its factory default settings.

  1. Make sure your MAG box is turned on and thoroughly booted.
  2. Remove the ethernet cable from the back of your MAG box if it is wired.
  3. Remove the power cord from the back of the box and reinsert it after 2-3 seconds.
  4. Immediately insert the end of the paperclip into the reset hole, then push and hold the reset button continuously. DO NOT DEEP PUSH THE RESET BUTTON.
  5. Hold down the reset button till you see the Infomir logo on your TV screen, and keep an eye on the white light on the front right side of the box.
  6. The white light can begin to blink at first. When this happens, hold down the reset button. Don’t give up.
  7. As the light begins to blink more rapidly, let go of the reset button and quickly push and hold it again.
  8. Continue to click until the screen turns blue. Then release the button.
  9. Now, wait for the MAG box to begin the factory reset procedure. There will be a blue screen replaced by a blank black screen.
  10. Please be careful and wait with patience as this can take a few minutes…

  11. After the factory reset is complete, you should be able to access the inner portal interface of the MAG box, which displays multiple icons on a dark backdrop.
  12. You have now completed a factory reset on your box. Following that, you would setup your box to recognise your IPTV service.
  13. Configure the Time Server on MAG 324

  14. From the home screen, use your remote to select Settings, then click OK.
  15. On the following panel, highlight System Settings and click OK.
  16. Choose Servers and then click OK.
  17. Then, on your remote, highlight General and hit the OK button.
  18. On this screen, type into the NTP server text area.
  19. To access the on-screen keyboard, press the KB (Keyboard) button on your remote and type the above in.

    Use your remote’s arrow keys to find the right keys, then press the OK button to pick each letter or character one at a time.

    When you’re done, click the KB (Keyboard) button once more to close the on-screen keyboard.

    Finally, click the OK button to save the time server setting on your remote.

    Add IPTV Service to MAG 324 Portal

  20. Now, on your remote, click the EXIT button twice to return to the System Settings option.
  21. Choose Portals and click OK.
  22. On the next page, highlight the Portal 1 URL text field and then use your remote to toggle the on-screen keyboard by pressing the KB (Keyboard) button.
  23. Then, using your remote, type in the portal URL of your provider.
  24. Once you’ve entered your details, press the KB (Keyboard) button again to close the on-screen keyboard. Then, on your remote, click OK to save your changes.
  25. Now, on your remote, click the EXIT button to switch to the System Settings option.
  26. Configure Wi-Fi Network on MAG 324

  27. If your MAG box connects to your home network via WiFi, you must first configure it. If your MAG box connects via Ethernet, reinsert the Ethernet cable at the back of the box and proceed to Step 27.
  28. Using your remote, highlight “Network” and click OK from the “System Settings” option.
  29. Using your remote, highlight Wireless (Wi-Fi) and click OK.
  30. Now, on your remote, choose “Auto (DHCP)” and click OK.
  31. On the following screen, you can see a list of available WiFi networks. Select the network you want to use and click OK.
  32. Using your remote, highlight the “Key or pass” text area, then click the KB (Keyboard) button to bring up the on-screen keyboard. Then, using your remote, type your WiFi network password, being careful to use proper case and special
  33. Once you’ve entered your details, press the KB (Keyboard) button again to close the on-screen keyboard. Then, on your remote, click OK to save your password settings.

    Your settings should have been “successfully saved,” according to an on-screen confirmation note.

    Reload Portal on MAG 324

  34. The box is now all set up. Finally, use your remote to highlight “Reboot device” and click OK. To validate, press OK once more. Your MAG Box can now restart.
  35. If anything is set up properly, your MAG box can completely boot and load TV service.

Still No Success?

Some MAG boxes will not completely factory reset in some cases due to custom firmware installed into the package by the previous manufacturer.

This is due to the program loaded being unofficial customized firmware intended to avoid factory resets.

If this is the case, you would need to reload a brand new copy of the official Infomir firmware for your model of MAG set-top box or replace the whole unit.

Video on How to Reset MAG 324 Set-Top Box

If you are still unsure and missed any of the above steps, you can also check out the following video that will clearly help you throughout the process on how to factory reset MAG 324 box.

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