How to shop on Aliexpress USA or Aliexpress Australia? (Free $4 Coupon Inside!)

This post answers all your question when you plan to shop at Aliexpress USA or Aliexpress Australia.

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Aliexpress is the next big thing to shop online. You can buy the latest fashion, electronics, accessories, phone products, consumer items, bags, watches, jewelry, toys, home, and improvement goods, etc. all at one location.

We all know that Aliexpress is the post child of eCommerce, founded by the great Jack Ma, who truly believes in customer satisfaction. has indeed come a long way in becoming the global eCommerce leader across the world with presence in several countries. But, can we trust Chinese products is a question that haunt everyone of us.

We would say if you trade with caution and follow the standard steps, you can easily land up with a product that is of top-quality at a cheaper price from Aliexpress.

So quickly read our post below, where we have answered all your questions on how to shop on

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How to access and quickly buy on Aliexpress USA or Aliexpress Australia?

Sign In to Aliexpress English: In your web browser, go to website. Next, at the top right side, click the Sign In button. Next, on the UI, enter the user ID or the email address that you used at the time of sign up, and the password for your account. Finally, click the Sign In button.

Browse Aliexpress Catalog: To buy the things from the Aliexpress website is very easy. On the left side of your screen, there are various categories that you can explore.

You can hover on each category and view the sub-categories nicely laid out on the screen. Click on the category that interests you, and then search for the products within the category.

Search Products on Aliexpress: To search for your products on, use the search bar, that is, just click on the search bar and type the product that you need to find. By default, you get the best-matched products in the search results.

You can further use the various filter options to filter the products you looking for. You can also use the sort feature to sort the results by Best Match, Orders, Newest and Pricing

A tip is to always select the Ship From USA filter option and choose the Orders sort option. This will help you find sellers that have warehouse in the USA for faster shipping and sorting the results for sellers that have delivered most orders.

Purchase Product on Aliexpress Com: Once you have identified the product you looking for, select the quantity you want and then click the Buy Now button.

You can also use the Add to Cart option to add the product to the cart. You can then browse the portal and add more products to the cart.

Once you have identified your shopping needs, just open your cart, view all the products and click Buy All to complete the transaction.

Adding product to Wishlist: You can use the Wishlist of Aliexpress to create a product list that you love but will complete the transaction at a later stage.

To add a product to Aliexpress Wishlist, go to the product page and click the Add to Wishlist button. Next, select the list that you want to add your product to.

You can also check out your different list to view the products added to each Wishlist, by moving the cursor over your username at the top right and click the Wish List button.

Viewing Aliexpress Coupons: coupons gives you a discount on your purchase. To view the Aliexpress coupons that you have earned, hover over the name at the top-right corner, and click the My Coupons button.

You can then explore the tabs at the top and check the categories that have coupons available for you which you can use on your next order.

View Aliexpress Orders: You can view your recently ordered items from your profile. Just hover your profile name at the top right corner, and click the My Orders button.

You will see the list of orders that you have placed on Aliexpress along with its relevant status.

You can also track your orders that have been shipped through the tracking number.

Sign Out from It is always useful to sign out from the Aliexpress website to keep your account safe. To sign out, just hover over your profile name and then click the Sign Out button.

Is it safe to buy on AliExpress?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to shop on Aliexpress, but you need to follow a few precautions that apply to any online shopping site where a transaction is involved.

Aliexpress acts as an escrow service for any transaction occurring on their online portal.

That is, Aliexpress will hold the sales amount from the seller, till you confirm that you have received the product and satisfied with the received goods.

You can read our detailed questions below for more information on how to be safe while you shop on Aliexpress USA or Aliexpress Australia.

How to avail the Buyer’s Protection at

One of the highlights of Aliexpress safe transaction is the Buyer’s Protection that Aliexpress offers on all products bought on their shopping portal.

The company provides 2-types of guarantees:

  • You get a full refund if you do not receive the product within the stipulated time. That is if your ordered product does not arrive at your doorstep within the time said by the seller, then you are eligible for a complete refund.
  • You get a full or partial refund if the item you received is not as described. That is if the product is significantly different than the product you expected at the time of sale, you get 2-options. You can return the product for a complete refund or keep the product and negotiate with the seller for a partial refund.

In most cases, the seller will be accommodating and provide you a complete refund, since they do not want a bad review on their shop.

How to resolve disputes on Aliexpress USA or Aliexpress Australia?

The refund process at Aliexpress is not pretty straight-forward, like Amazon or eBay. Here the process is quite different.

The dispute process at Aliexpress works as follows:

If you have not received the product or you have received the product but it is not as described, then first you need to contact the seller. The seller will inform you about the status or issue with your order.

Note, here if you have received the product and you find that the product is not worth your money, then you just have 15 days to open a dispute.

Next, if the seller does not respond or you are not satisfied with their answer, you can raise a dispute with Aliexpress by selecting the right category of Product not received or Product not as described.

If the Product not as described is selected, then you will need to provide a photo of the product for verification by Aliexpress.

Finally, the seller will be approachable now and offer you a refund for the product, it may be full or partial, you will have the option to accept or reject the refund amount offered.

Lastly, if you refuse the refund amount, you can escalate your dispute with the staff at Aliexpress that will evaluate the situation and proceed with providing a full or partial refund depending on the condition or status of the product.

How to find a reputable seller on Aliexpress English?

One of the important steps in buying a product on Aliexpress is to choose the right seller. This will help you get the right product on time and save you from the mess of refund or disputes.

A point to remember is that a seller with satisfied customer feedback and above 4-star rating are the ones you need to look for. Also, look for the number of orders sold by the seller.

Seller’s Feedback Page

The best way to know about a seller is to visit the feedback page of the seller. To see the feedback page, just click on any seller’s name, the feedback page will be available.

The feedback page has a complete breakdown of the feedback that the seller has received from various customers. It has the Positive Feedback percentage and the Feedback Score.

The Feedback Score for the seller is effectively a sum of the ratings received and converted into points.

A Four and Five stars are worth one point, 3 stars are worth zero points, and finally, the one and two-star deduct a point for the seller.

Further below, you can see the star ratings for the seller segregated as Item as Described, Communication and the Shipping Speed.

Finally, you can see the historic data for the seller along with the scores and comments written by the buyers on the website.

Another important factor here is to choose sellers that have been selling for more than a year on the online portal.

Aliexpress Seller Guarantees

Look out for the seller on what they guarantee for a specific product. This will help you safeguard the product that you plan to buy.

More the guarantee factors provided by the seller, more confidence you’ll enjoy in buying the product from Aliexpress USA or Aliexpress Australia.

Every seller provides the guarantees on a single product or item and not on the entire seller’s collection So check every product you buy with the guarantee that is advertised on each product.

Typically a seller on provides 4-type of guarantee factors:

On-Time Delivery Promise – A seller gives you a promise to offer a full refund if the product you are buying does not arrive by the specified time on the product.

Refunds and Returns – A seller agrees to give you a full refund if the product delivered is not as advertised and may allow you to keep the product as well.

Domestic Returns – Aliexpress has created a global warehouse where you can return the product that you are not happy to the warehouse in your country and get a quick refund, plus saving on shipping cost.

Guaranteed Genuine Product – This is quite debatable, because most products on Aliexpres is either or knock-off or maybe a copy of the original product, but of high-quality. You can decide to trust the seller on this factor for electronic goods if you need. Also, the genuineness of the product is validated by Aliexpress itself.

You can get the seller’s guarantee on the product page and also on the Buyer Protection page. Just look for this important section below the product description.

Is AliExpress legit?

Aliexpress USA and Aliexpress Australia are a completely legit website that is doing business for a decade now.

Many customers are completely happy with the product they have bought, given the cheap cost yet excellent product quality that you would find on Amazon or eBay.

But, scammers are everywhere. You will need to follow a few precautions so that you become a smart shopping master and help to prevent frauds on buying the products.

An important tip here is to apply common sense while buying from the Aliexpress shopping website. What may look cheap and unbelievable, may not always be correct and a good deal.

  • The price is an important factor on why many customers buy from Aliexpess portal. But what may be cheap, will not always be true.
  • Be wary for those $10 iPhone, where you will land up with a cheap non-working knock-off or a key-chain instead. Read the product description very carefully.
  • When in doubt with the product, message the Aliexpress seller. Ask questions about the product and also request more product pics. You can also request for coupon or discounts too 😛
  • Always use the escrow service of Aliexpress to make the payment for the product and DO NOT send the money directly to the seller’s bank account. You can now use PayPal to pay for your transaction for extra protection on your transaction.
  • Any transaction done away from the portal will not carry the Buyer’s Protection and Seller’s Guarantee.
  • Do not confirm the delivery receipt for products that you have not received from the seller. Always ensure that you have received the product and then confirm the delivery, only when you are satisfied with the product.

Summary – Buying on Aliexpress USA and Aliexpress Australia

We’ll be updating this buyer’s guide to help you shop on Aliexpress USA and Aliexpress Australia by providing you useful tips and tricks to make your shopping experience more better.

Everyone perceives that Chinese products are very cheap and of poor quality. But this is completely untrue.

The products available on Aliexpress are of extremely high-quality and available at a 1/3 of the cost of the products available in America, Europe or Australia.

You just need to be aware of how to select the right product and the precautions you need to take while you conduct a transaction on the shopping portal.

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