$1000 Witty Scholarship!

WittyEdge! is a leading publishing company in the field of reviewing Android products in today’s age. We have a dedicated in-house team that helps people learn and make important buying decisions, when it comes to buying cutting-edged android devices.

We are on a mission to provide buyers with great choices, at the best desired price, in today’s fast moving technological world, where more and more device have surrounded us.

We are grateful to all our readers and have picked up stream in spreading our views. Now its our time to pay back what we have received as blessing.

We love to start small and share our stupendous, yet generous growth with all the beloved children in the form of our lovely scholarship program, across the globe. The students can use our fund and complete their academic dreams. A small power to success to your future!

Presenting the $1000 Witty Scholarship program for our students, enabling student to accomplish their vision towards their part of achievement, without creating a financial burden on their shoulders. This program has been made especially for students to scale their academical needs towards their dreams.

Eligibility Criteria

We do not have any strict eligibility criteria, since academics scores should not hinder any individual’s dreams. We are thus offering our scholarship to all students above 16 years of age and have enrolled in, any course for the year 2018-2019 or 2019-2020 across the globe.

Selection & Notification Process

At our company, we place our team of 10 employees that will collaboratively review every application and brain-storm to find the winning application.

We will review and award the grant to the winner by 31st January 2020.

Note, this scholarship will continue towards another year too. So our next award will be announced on 31st January 2021.

The winner will be displayed on our homepage, and will be notified through email.

How to Apply

Every eligible student can do the following to successfully submit application for our grant:

Create a 500 words abstract on:

“Future of Technology – IoT”

For more detailed example you can view our post:

  • Best Android Tv Box Canada
    Submit your abstract in .pdf format, along with the following details at support@wittyedge.com:
    – Your name, contact number, and mailing address
    – The name of the School/university/college you are attending

    Last Date for Application

    The last date for submitting applications for the 2019-2020 program is December 16th, 2019.

    The last date for the submitting applications for the 2020-2021 program is December 16th, 2020.


    The winning submission will get a grant of $1000, which the student can then use to pursue their academic goals.


    In case of any questions regarding the scholarship, please mail us at scholarships@wittyedge.com

    Data Usage Policy

    Information/submission that are is received from students, are only viewed to mandate the authenticity of the application and help us filter spam from the genuine candidates. We do not leak-out this information to any third-party entities nor do we publish the given information without express permissions from the candidates. We also do not use the information to send future promotional objects. Every confidentiality of the individual is maintained at all times.

    Good luck on your submission!