How to Reset MXQ Box – 5 easy Steps to Soft & Hard Reset Your Box

This post will provide you with the process to Reset MXQ Box – Android TV streaming device in 5-easy steps. We have listed 2-easy-to-do methods, one involves performing a soft reset of your MXQ box, and the other involves doing a hard reset of MXQ 4k streaming box.

reset mxq box

MXQ Pro 4k streaming box is one of the most popular Android IPTV boxes available in Canada. The streaming Android TV box is quite affordable and comes with the very powerful Quad-Core ARM GPU and Amlogic CPU, which is quite efficient to easily stream movies and TV content. You can also stream in full HD and up to 4k video content over the internet.

We have covered a detailed review of the MXQ Pro 4k streaming box, which you can read here.

Sometimes, with great powers, the android streaming devices require maintenance, as the streaming devices are active almost 24/7 to view YouTube videos, play games, view Netflix, Amazon Prime, or various Android streaming apps, or access IPTV service.

The Android device starts to show performance issues like freezing, slowness, glitches, or even getting hung up on the user interface in the long run. This is quite common with any streaming device in the market today.

As the devices get older, it is necessary to factory reset the MXQ Pro box to its original settings. Then, delete the entire data and cache, and improve performance as it was completely brand new.

Android boxes can last you even more than 2-3 years of their life if you take the following steps to refresh and restore your MXQ box to its previous fully working settings.

To reset your MXQ Pro set-top box device, there are 2-methods. One is simple by default software method that quickly formats your android TV box and restores the settings to the previous new factory options.

The second option is the hard-reset option that should only be performed on an Android box on which you cannot access your UI, or your screen is frozen, or your TV box does not start.

Let’s quickly see the 2-methods to restore the MXQ Pro device as new easily.

How to Soft Reset MXQ Box – METHOD 1

You can use the following steps to perform a software reset on your box if you can access the user interface. MXQ Pro has built-in settings on the software to reset and refresh the android device.

A Word of Warning! You will lose all of your data if you begin with factory reset your MXQ Pro. Ensure to back up your data and your apps which you can restore later after the reset.

Step 1: Connect your MXQ Pro 4k Android box to your TV through the HDMI port and on your device till you see the home screen of your device.
Step 2: From the menu, select the Settings option (In some device, it may look like an option symbol at the top).

Step 3: Next, under Preferences, select More Settings.

Step 4: Go to the Personal Column and then select Storage & Reset (Few MXQ Pro boxes in the previous edition, has the option as Backup & reset).

Step 5: Next, select Factory data reset or find the same option as Factory Reset.

Step 6: In the next screen, select Full Reset. (Fast Reset option is faster, but it does not delete the entire data in your Android box).

Step 7: In the prompt screen, select Verify, or in some cases, select Erase Everything.

With this, the reset process will begin for your MXQ Pro box, and it will take time, maybe 10-15 minutes, to complete the process and the amount of data or apps you have installed on the box.

The options mentioned above are the ones that we found on most MXQ Pro boxes. On different devices, the options may be different, but they will sound the same as the options mentioned above.

How to Hard Reset MXQ Box using the Reset button – METHOD 2

In some cases, the user interface of your MXQ Pro box may be unresponsive, frozen, or hanged, where you cannot move your remote through the screens. Also, due to an apps error, your device may be stuck on the logo or freezing.

Before you can move with the step to hard reset your device, try restarting your MXQ Pro box first, try unplugging the power connection, and then reconnecting again. It should solve most of the issues.

If not, and your box does not respond to any commands, move with the hard reset step.

Before you begin, you will need a toothpick or a pin. You will also need a working TV box remote or external USB keyboard.

Step 1: Unplug your MXQ Pro box from the power supply.
Step 2: Then take your toothpick or any similar pin-like tool and insert the tool in the SPDIF or the AV port behind your TV box. (The reset button is available in either of the 2-slots, insert and see if you can feel a button).
Step 3: Hold the button with your toothpick gently, until you hear a click-like sound.
Step 4: While you hold the reset button, quickly connect the power supply to your MXQ Pro box, and wait until it loads.
Step 5: Keep holding the reset button till you see the MXQ and then Android logo on the TV. This may take some time for the android box to activate the reset mode. Once you see the logo and then the following options menu, you can release the reset button.

Step 6: Next, use your remote or your keyboard and select Wipe Data or, in some cases, the Factory Reset option on the prompt.
Step 7: Then, select Delete all user data and wait till the reset process starts and complete.
Step 8: Once the reset process on your MXQ box is complete, select Reboot system now to finalize the restoring of the settings on your box.

With this, we have completed explaining the steps required to perform a MXQ box reset and factory reset your TV device as new to improve performance. Unfortunately, the reset button may not work in a few cases, so the best case is to take your device to your manufacturer and get that fixed.

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