Best IPTV Box Canada Edition – Get IPTV for CA $1.99

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In this post, we list the Best IPTV Box, especially designed for Canada. IPTV Canada has grown considerably and finding the best IPTV device is becoming a very challenging task.

best iptv box

We have researched and reviewed the best available IPTV streaming device, specifically working for the Canadian province. Thus, helping you in your journey on saving from costly cable subscription.

Best IPTV Box – Canada Edition

IPTV Canada has evolved in many ways, with many providers popping up in the market. Our list on the Best IPTV Box, will help you to filter the best from the rest and help you in the process of buying the cost effective IPTV streaming device.

IPTV BoxRatings$$$
MAG 254 Review
Best HD IPTV Streaming Box
4.6 StarsCheck Price At
GooBang Doo ABOX A4 Review
Best Made in Canada IPTV Box
4.7 StarsCheck Price At

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1. MAG 254 IPTV Review

Best HD IPTV Streaming Box

MAG254 is a powerful IPTV set-top box with much more improved processor and increased RAM performance. This device is the best solution, you’ll need for your IPTV/OTT projects. Read quick review on this HD IPTV Box.

With the cost of cable and satellite subscriptions increasing dailly, many consumers are moving towards the new-age streaming service provider to help save on cost and enjoy the ultimate entertainment, all at your home.

Today, we look at a solution, which ruling the market, and that is the MAG 254 IPTV box, from Infomir.

Infomir specialise in IPTV over-the-air and video on demand solutions and have offices based in Russia, Germany, Estonia, UAE, United States.

View at

The MAG 254 comes neatly packed inside a small rectangular box that includes a full-featured remote, power adapter, RCA audio/video cable, AAA batteries and instruction manual

The MAG 254 is a light-weight, small looking IPTV box that can easily fit at any place, with elegant design. The tv device is very compact and does not consume any more space on your desk.

The MAG 254 is a linux-based and supports a wide variety of audio and video formats including Full HD at 1080p. On the front, you get a single USB port, IR receiver and indicator light.

The back of the device has the USB 2.0 port, optical port, HDMI, 3.5 composite video and stereo output. You also get a 10/100 ethernet port, RC and power adaptor port.

The only downside is that you do not get the WiFi connection. You have an option to use a portable USB wireless Wifi adapter.

The MAG 254 comes with a full-featured remote control, which includes options for changing the audio mode setup menu, context menu, quick TV access and virtual keyboard. You also get different player controls for all the standard media.

Next, to begin the IPTV system, we simply connected the LAN cable, conneted the HDMI cable to the TV and powered the MAG 254 on. The device booted very quickly and you could see a great looking home screen with the menu options.

On the top-left side, you can see your network connection, whether you are connected using the wired or wireless network. You also get the weather widget giving you a glimpse of the temperature outside.

Next, we quickly browse through the media setion, where most of our media contents were waiting for us to explore. You also get various in-built apps like YouTube, Picasa, and built-in internet browser, settings, download manager, and few games.

We opened the Home media app. You can browse through all the media content available on the network. We tried a full HD movie, and the picture quality was reallly sharp with surround sound audio, which felt great to hear.

Next, we tried the YouTube app. The app was responsive, and we played a couple of videos too. The streaming was really great, without any lags or buffering.

You can also use the internet browser to access things over the internet. Use the keyboard with the remote to go to the specific page and surf the internet. You can check out our post on Best Android Tv Box Remote For Kodi – Canadian Edition

Another interesting feature is the record manager. Record manager does a great job in recording IPTV broadcast. Simple select the show you need to record, and the file will be saved to the USB device, connected to the USB port.

You do not get any internal storage on the MAG 254.

You do not get a wifi on this device. For wifi, you will need a USB wireless connector, which you can easily buy at

Next, coming to the IPTV connection, go to the Settings > Server > NTP Server, enter the IP + url + port that you recieve from your IP service provider. and, restart your mag 254 box.

After you have restarted your set-top box, the device give you a complete different UI with the Tv icon, where you can view all the channels that you have subscribed for.

We tried running our private IPTV server on this device. The channels ran fine. We didn’t have any hiccups in streaming the media on our television.

The streaming was smooth, without any lags, and the image quality was HD-like, with great sound quality. Overall, we were satisfied with the outcome of the device.

Try out the WittyCentral! – with over 500+ Canadian channels and plans starting from CA$1.99.

In addition, you can use the password protection feature to lock channels that are not suited for kids. There’s also a feature to load external subtitle (.srt) for your favorite movie/tv show.

Lastly, the IR remote does a basic job in opearting the IPTV box for us. The remote helps in navigating through channels and using basic features for accessing media on the device.

To conclude, the MAG 254 is the best IPTV box that we have on our list. This device has least amount of defects and does not need any repairs. The manufacturer simply reset the IPTV box, where any issues occurred.

The Mag 254 does not suffer from any overheating and runs stable, without any hiccups, most of the time. One major issue, we found that the internet connection on the device fails to connect. 99% a simple restart solves this issues on the Mag 254.

There’s no WIFI connection on the device, but you can opt for an extra USB WIFI dongle to connect using the WIFI. This makes us conclude that the MAG 254 is one of the best IPTV box.

Package Contents

1 x Mag254 IPTV set top box
1 x TV HDMI Cable
2 x AA Batteries
1 x IR Remote controller
1 x Basic User guide
1 x 5V Power adapter

MAG 254 IPTV Review
  • Design
  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Value for Money



  • Clean UI with ease of use
  • Lag free and stable IPTV experience
  • Faster connectivity through ethernet
  • Seamless IPTV streaming through URL and without any external app


  • No Wifi. Need to use an USB Wifi adaptor
  • Does not have Android, so you lose on installing various apps
  • Limited internal storage
  • Lacks bluetooth

Buy at

2. GooBang Doo ABOX A4 IPTV Review

Made in Canada IPTV Box

Every IPTV box needs a great and powerful android tv box that can handle streaming of live TV channels, with ease. The ABOX A4 is a very superb looking and feature-rich tv box, made exclusive in the Canada province.

The box is suited best for the IPTV setup, where you can download the IPTV apk file and start enjoying your live tv channels through the box. Let’s quickly check out the review and see if the GooBang Doo ABOX A4 is worthy candidate on the Best IPTV Box – Canada Edition.

We love tv boxes that support IPTV Canada and we feel at home, from the Chinese models, available in the market.

Made in Canada IPTV Box
View at

Coming to the design, the ABOX A4 ticks all the right boxes. The design is bang on, with good looks and suave design. The jet black looks makes it too beautiful and best suited for our smart TV. The A4 is very compact and tiny, and can aids up well in our IPTV experience.

Next on the hardware specs, the ABOX A4 comes with the Amlogic S905W Quad Core A53 CPU, clocked at 2GHz, with Penta Core Mali 450MP GPU. You also get a 2GB DDR3 RAM with 16GB internal storage. The specification are bang on to support various live TV channels with ease.

On the port front, you get 2 x USB ports, a single HDMI port, an DC adaptor, 10/100 ethernet support, and audio & visual external connector.

On the connectivity front, you get a 2.4GHz Wifi connectivity with standard ethernet port. You also get a bluetooth 4.0 support for your wireless keyboard, game pad, etc.

One of the interesting feature on this Made in Canada IPTV box is the IR remote that comes with voice capability. Now you can use your voice and control your IPTV using sound. This is one of the kind feature, present on the device.

Talking by remote, the performance was really good and differentiates itself from the rest of the IR remote. The voice capabilities are bang-on, and the mouse feature, that is, the air mouse was really good in controlling the channels on screen.

Next, the ABOX A4 comes with the latest 7.1.2 Android experience that is very stable and fluid in terms of performance. The home screen was very pleasant and we loved the title based approach of displaying the application on screen. We loved that we didn’t find much application in it, making it very lightweight and fluid in navigation.

You get all the basic application, in fact more that will help you stream content very well on your android tv box.

Coming to the performance, we tried a stream from the Kodi app, the media played out very well on the full HD resolution, with brilliant picture quality and sound quality. The WIFI connection was very stable, and we could easily play out the media channels, without any buffering or shuttering.

We tried one of the live channels from the WittyCentral IPTV service. The Canadian channels played out very well on the tv box, and everything went out smoothly, with proper streaming and sound quality.

Just ensure that your HDMI sound setting is high, or you will end up without any sound on the tv box.

We didn’t try out any more apps, since the review of the box was only limited in running IPTV channels.

We did try out a few games, and we found that this IPTV box was very sufficient and could play any game we opened, very well at medium settings.

The company has done a great job in providing OTA support that will make your android tv box last till the future. The performance too will keep on increasing with every update.

Read Customer Reviews at

Finally to conclude the GooBang Doo ABOX A4 is a worthy Made in Canada IPTV box with 1 yr warranty that will support you in case your box has any issue. The design of the box and the remote are the highlight of this tv streaming set-top box.

The hardware and software features too fall within the feature list of the tv box, making it a much more desired buy for every person in Canada that want to enjoy a cable free experience.

Package Contents

1 x GooBang Doo ABOX A4 IPTV Canada box
1 x HDMI Cable
1 x IR/Voice Controlled Remote controller
1 x Basic User guide
1 x DV Power adapter

GooBang Doo ABOX A4 Review
  • Design
  • Features
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Value for Money



  • Elegant and unique design with good build quality
  • 1yr after sales warranty and support
  • Latest and fluid Android experience with OTA updates
  • Best in class voice enabled IR remote
  • Superior performance on Wifi


  • Expensive but worth the cost
  • Lacks 5G dual wifi support
  • Does not support automatic refresh rate on resolution

Buy at

This section is aimed at helping those who are less familiar with IPTV.

What is an IPTV?

Internet Protocol Television is a method of streaming media channels through internet connection. You do not need cable or satellite subscription. Simply, install the application or use the url provided by the IPTV service provider. All this, at a cost that is very cheap than your cable tv.

Why use IPTV?

  • Access to channels and content from all over the world. You only need a high-speed Internet connection and IPTV subscription
  • No need for satellite dishes or cable installations. In many cases you can use it anywhere in the world
  • Very inexpensive compared to using satellite or cable
  • Using a subscription service gives you reliability and quality and support when needed
  • What do I need for IPTV?

    A television, a method to decode the IPTV and stream, the content, a high-speed Internet connection, a subscription.

    There are several ways to view IPTV: by using a smart TV, an android TV box or fire stick, and PC or Mac for enigma.

    Therefore, using IPTV could be even cheaper than you think to set up Smart TVs.

    This is becoming a very popular method to watch IPTV. Currently, only certain Smart television have the capability and your IPTV provider will advise you if they support this method.

    Installing IPTV

    Installing an IPTV is usually as simple as installing an app. The app will need your device MAC address, which you will give to your provider to activate.

    In addition, your IPTV provider can also provide you with the m3u file, which you add to your smart television, to view the channels on your Android TV box or fire stick.

    These android tv boxes are very inexpensive, but it is advisable to do your research and not just purchase a box based on price.

    You can also view a video on How To Set Up A MAG 254 IPTV Box.

    Methods of Accessing IPTV

    There are three methods of using IPTV:

  • With Android. Your provider will give you an app to install. This is one of the most reliable and simple ways to watch IPTV like Smart TVs.
  • You use Kodi and install an admin which is provided by your IPTV provider.
  • You use Kodi and use of PVR clients such as simple client to access IPTV. Your provider will give you details to use this method.
  • You can read our post on the Best Android Tv Box Kodi Canada Edition – Buyer’s Guide 2018

    You will also be able to configure your channel lists and access a TV Guide, PC or Mac. You can use the VLC media player using a m3u list.

    Enigma satellite box, which you may already have, is a great way to add IPTV. It will require a little more knowledge than other methods, as you will have to use putty or FileZilla to configure your box.

    You give your MAC address to your provider and they activate your subscription, you can access TV Guide etc.

    Which is the best IPTV provider?

    Well, as already stated, it is highly likely you will have a android tv device already in your household. So try it on that before you commit to IPTV.

    Ask your provider for a trial before you commit. Many will give you a 24 hour trial.

    Many providers offer extensive video on demand and catch-up TV, so ensure you weigh up all the benefits of each service.

    Where do I find a IPTV provider?

    This is a very good question and the answer is word-of-mouth search on social media, Google search as IPTV is becoming more popular by the day. More and more people are using it, so the chances are friends, family or colleagues will be able to offer you advice on this.

    Cons of IPTV

    If you don’t have fiber broadband or your connection is poor, then don’t bother to opt for an IPTV subscription. If you broadband goes down, so does your ability to watch television.

    If your provider has server failure or network issue, ypu lose your television. A good advice is if you use only IPTV, then think about using multiple providers just in case one goes down, remember to think about your needs before you purchase, as you may want the ability to watch on more than one device.

    At the same time, many providers offer subscriptions which offer multiple connections. This can be a lot cheaper than purchasing separate subscriptions. Pick a provider where you can view their support pages. So you know you have support there.

    The cheapest is not always the best. Check out social media to check out what people’s opinions are on the service before you commit to any IPTV service.

    IPTV Quebec

    Quebec is one of finest region in Canada. With the rising cost of cable subscription has fast increasing, a search for a great alternative to cable TV in the form of IPTV is really needed.

    Since most of the folks from Quebec are French speakers, your need for entertainment is also in the form of Canadian-French channels that is available on the cable but at a very expensive cost.

    You can check out the Canadian French Channels – Quebec on the above link. The channel listed are more than 20+ Canadian-French channels, exclusively for people in the Quebec region. Do try out the collection from the provider for a great IPTV Quebec experience.

    You can also check out the cheap android box Qubec & Calgary region.

    WittyCentral is a great premium IPTV service provider with over 500+ plus channels, made exclusive for the Quebec province. The IPTV service provider provides stable IPTV channels at a cheap price of CA 1.99 only.

    IPTV Toronto

    Toronto is known as the capital hub of Canada and is famous for its diverse people living in the city. A hub of entertainment and a need to live with entertainment, while you are at home and away from work.

    Now you can relish the media of your taste, right from music, movies, and live TV channels at your home, through WittyCentral – IPTV service. The IPTV service provider gives you a complete package of channels that you want to see, all over Canada.

    The provider has over 500+ channels from Canada & USA, which you can check at Canadian & USA Channels – Toronto

    The IPTV Toronto is set and try can get your hands on this experience that is not too expensive on the pockets and worth every penny you need for your entertainment needs.

    You can also check out the best android TV Box, specially designed for Toronto province.

    IPTV Montreal

    Montreal is another most populous region in the Quebec province, that has mix crowd of people, falling in the French colonies, and the modern English-speaking people that love entertainment.

    WittyCentral provides a mix of great collection of live TV channels from the English Canadian channels, Canadian-French channels, and exclusive French channels to satisfy the needs for every person in the province.

    You can check out the entire collection at WittyCentral Channels Collection – Montreal.

    IPTV Montreal is a hub that will fulfil all your entertainment needs for latest movies, music, live tv, etc., all streaming to your home from the service provider. You will not get such a offer ever again. Do try out the offer from the provider.

  • You can also check the top iptv android box for Montreal & Edmonton for watching live channels.