Best IPTV Subscription Providers Canada 2018 – Review

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This post lists out the best IPTV Subscription Providers Canada, with a detailed review on which one to pick. Head on and get ready in our quest to find the best IPTV server Canada.

Our mission is to help you make a decision in finding the right IPTV service, through the many swarm on our detailed IPTV Canada Reviews post.

IPTV Subscription Providers Canada

Finding the best and really stable IPTV service provider has always been a difficult, yet confusing task for everyone, especially for people in Canada, where cable subscription is sky-rocketing.

Many available IPTV providers on the market are completely unknown, with little to no information available to understand their performance.

In addition, validating the sales pitch of every IPTV provider becomes difficult, since you need to sign-up for a minimum commitment, before you can understand the complete streaming quality.

To save your time, and help you make a better buying decision on which IPTV service you need to choose, we have done an entire research on the IPTV topic.

We have created this detailed review/comparison on the biggest available IPTV players in today’s Canada market.

The following section will give a clear perspective on every IPTV provider available with most key features, specified for every provider.

We do not endorse or promote IPTV service provider that stream content illegally without a valid license. The post contains data from the internet and is purely for information purpose. We do not intend to violate any law. The service provider mentioned in this post are no way related to


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  • Best IPTV Subscription Providers Canada Edition

    Let’s begin with our detailed review on the best IPTV subscription provider Canada Edition. The results listed here may differ for every individual, depending on the time we review the IPTV service.

    It also depends upon the internet connection, which needs to be really fast, approx. 5 mbps.

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    1. WittyCentral – Best IPTV Server Canada

    WittyCentral is a leading IPTV subscription provider, specially for people in Canada. The team provides over 500+ channels, exclusive from Canada and USA.

    You also get exclusive Canadian-French channels from regions of Ottawa, Quebec, Vancouver, Toronto, etc.

    Plans on WittyCentral start from low as CDN$ 1.99 for a 3-day trial plan. David from support was really helpful throughout the process, and allowed us to continue our trial for more 5-days, so that we could be comfortable with the application and service.

    The plans for 1-month is CDN$ 21, 3-months is CDN$ 35, and 1-year is CDN$ 90. The price are really attractive within the range, considering you are paying around $300+ for a cable subscription to Bell, Rogers, etc.

    The WittyCentral service runs through an Android APK file, which you can install on any android TV box. The app installation is very smooth and is compatible with any android box with Android version 6.0.

    The website is very clear, about the packages, and the available channels available on their service. The channel list is completely detailed with information about payment too.

    The app startup was completely smooth, once you opt for a trial plan, you simply enter the username and password. The login is instantaneous, and you reach to the home screen of the application.

    The UI of the app is very neat and clean. You will find most of the information nicely segregated on the Live TV, Movies, Series, Account Settings. We then hit the Live TV option and tried out the various categories.

    The app contains channels from across the globe, ranging from Africa to UK. You can ask David to remove categories that you don’t need. This will make you app look clean and help in navigation.

    We tried out the USA and Canada channels, cause that was our sole interest.

    However, there’s a great collection on French, Italian, Spanish, Latino, English channels from France, Italy, Spain, Latin America, and UK regions. You can try out the complete collection. All this, you receive at the same cost.

    We tried out the USA-Canada section, and boy, we got almost 500+ channels in this category, starting from various genres of News, Drama, Comedy, Sports, Action, etc.

    We played the very first channel and the load time was completely smooth. The channel just zapped near the screen. The load time is very quick.

    Coming to the quality of the streams, most of the channels under this section are Standard Definition, that is, the feeds are in SD+ resolution, but with a way better quality and stable performance.

    You also get a few high definition channels in the USA and Canada section.

    The quality was very superb that we have seen on any IPTV provider, and for the cost the stream quality is as par, with our cable subscription, that is, SD+ quality.

    We felt here that the USA and Canada channels should have been separated. This would help in navigation.

    Another tip here is to open the channels using VLC player. This helps in removing the top and bottom border, giving you a complete and full-screen picture effect.

    We also loved the Favorites section that you can use to save your most watched channels, so that you do not need to go and find the desired channel you want to watch.

    You also get the interesting search feature that could search easily from the collection and so the required channel from the category.

    Everything was blazing fast. We then tried out a few French channels from the Canada section, and the result was great. No lag in performance, with minimal buffering that too only in the beginning.

    Like with many IPTV providers, we didn’t face any lag in the audio-video stream. Every media was laid out quite well with the audio in-sync with the video.

    Another complaint here is that most US-based HD channels worked very well, while the channels for Canada didn’t work well.

    You also get a full-fledged EPG function that showcases the entire TV schedule for the day. Another feature is the Daily Replay Feature that allows you to play TV shows again, in case you have missed out during the day.

    Another thing we loved was the VOD section that contained latest movies and TV serials from various regions, including France, UK, USA, Italy, Spain, Portugal, etc. The list is latest and updated quite frequently.

    You can also view the IPTV service from WittyCentral without any app, and directly from the browser. Meaning, you can directly view the media streams from a computer/laptop or any device that has a browser.

    Overall, WittyCentral is the best IPTV subscription provider on our list of Best IPTV Subscription Providers Canada. The one thing which was completely mind-blowing is the support that we received.

    David was really helpful during the entire process, helped us setup the service very easily, and provided tips in getting the best from our IPTV android box.

    Our site definitely recommends the WittyCentral for its cost and the service that it provides.

    One thing also to note is that the service is active fr more than 2+ yrs now, hence they have been available on the market. You can be sure that your IPTV service won’t go down during the long tenure.

    Do give a try to this wonderful IPTV service.

    Click Here to View WittyCentral IPTV Service

    2. Epicstream from Boss TV

    Epicstream has been synonymous with IPTV and has been the most successful IPTV streaming service on the market so far. Epicstream is quite known in the USA and other region, providing quality service with few channels in the Full HD resolution.

    Most of the IPTV reseller on the market get their streams from Epicstream itself, making it a quite a stable IPTV provider.

    One thing that was annoying was that we couldn’t find a proper reseller that sells IPTV service from Epicstream. This makes it quite difficult in filtering the duplicates or cheap knock-offs from the real Epicstream.

    We found a service from Boss TV that provides authentic Epicstream, segregated in unique packages to offer, that differs based on the video on demand requirements.

    The service provided by Boss TV has everything for everyone, with a sizeable EPG feature. You get 600+ premium English channels with a comprehensive sports network upto 1080p resolution.

    You also get channels from Middle East, France, Germany, etc.

    Another feature is the good collection of VOD section that has over 400 TV shows and 100 movies to choose from.

    One of the problem of the service is that you do get a limited trial plan with costs roughly $3 for a 24-hr service. Then, you simply need to opt for a monthly plan, starting from $14 USD. The yearly plan goes upto $152 USD, which isn’t cheap.

    We also didn’t find any information about the channels available on the service. The website simply looks like a hosting service, maybe to protect against DMCA issues.

    We tried out the trial service, and we found great list of channels across the regions.

    We found limited channels from the USA and specially Canada region. The channels were mainly focused from the UK or Europe regions.

    The streaming of channels were very smooth, with minimum buffering. You however need a high internet connection, since most of the channels were HD, and consumed a larger amount of bandwidth to stream the sources.

    The channels were also quite reliable and didn’t go down, during our 24 hr. cycle.

    The EPG feature was too accurate with the TV schedule. We loved the quality of streams from Epicstream. The support too was quite reasonable.

    Epicstream is quite famous IPTV service in the market. The streaming was quite smooth, but you do not get the channels you looking for, specially channels from the Canada and French channels.

    Also, the cost is too on the higher side, making you think twice switching out from your cable subscription.

    But, given the quality of streams, VOD collection, a neat intuitive UI, makes Epicstream a better buy of our IPTV service.

    Click Here to View Epicstream IPTV Service

    3. Vader Streams IPTV

    Vader like Epicstream is quite renowned in the IPTV industry. Their IPTV service is quite sophisticated with the customised streaming service through the web and Kodi add-on.

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    Again, Vader service has to be brought through a reseller and we found IP2Box selling Vaders stream through their website.

    Like Epicstream, the IP2Box has very distinct web hosting site, with no information about channels, support or payment.

    We also didn’t find the link to opt for the trail plan, till we contacted the support for help. The service is quite descent, but we still felt better support from this reseller.

    One of the highlight of this service is that you get a single IPTV package for 5 different devices at the same time. While most IPTV provider on our list will only allow to use the IPTV service for only 1 device for simultaneous use.

    Here, you get the yearly subscription of $125 for 5 devices, with full access to live TV and VOD content.

    The channels on the Live TV was good with a good range of English and International channels, from Philippines, Middle East, Scandinavia, and everything.

    The VOD section has a whopping 2500 movies with over 300 TV serials. You also get the famous match center that has curated list of sports channels for every sporting event.

    Also, we found the similar catch-up on the US channels that is available for the last 3 days to watch shows, which you have missed during the day.

    Again, we didn’t find any channels from the Canadian region, specially the French ones.

    We tried on the package, and we loved the quality of stream provided. Most of the streams were high quality, with great UI and EPG section. But, reliability is a big stream on the Vaders.

    Most of the channels we were watching kept going down multiple times, and this made it quite un-watchable during peak timings.

    The channels were quite snappy to load with bare minimum streaming. The sporting section was the highlight, where you get to view a complete new and upgraded section for every sport lover.

    We got an update that Vader is working on their hardware to ensure that the streaming does not fail in future. For now, reliability-wise Vaders has failed.

    Feature-wise Vaders is a great IPTV service provider. They have been in this industry for over a decade now, and have been quite active in the industry. You can opt for the Vaders subscription through the IP2Box service.

    Click Here to View Vader Service

    4. Insight IPTV

    This is the only IPTV provider on our list of Best IPTV Subscription Providers Canada that allows simultaneous streaming of content on any 2 devices. Insight IPTV is Europe’s leading IPTV service provider, that is quite active since the last 2+ years.

    It mainly provides service to European region, hence you will get most of the channels, including English ones from the Europe region.

    Sadly, you get limited amount of channels from the USA and Canada regions. You do not get any Canada-French channels.

    The website of the service provider was quite good and informative, giving you a complete list of channel section, VOD collection, payment information, etc.

    The channel collection again is complete with mostly concentrated to the European region.

    One thing that we loved is the VOD library that was massive, with latest movies and TV serials to choose from. The list is constantly updated with renewed content.

    we tried out the trial service, which was again costly and limited to a day. The quality of channels were great and the service was quite reliable, all thanks to the offshore servers and advance load balancing features.

    We loved the streams, specially the HD channels, which were quick to load and stream with less amount of buffering. The channel switching to was just like the cable subscription, fast and smooth.

    The EPG setting as quite accurate and in-line with the actual settings. You get more than 1500 channels across regions, like UK, Germany, Middle East and Turkey.

    The subscription costs about $75 USD for the yearly package, which can be used on 2 devices. You can also pay using Bitcoin, in case of privacy issues. Do try out this new and unique Insight IPTV.

    Click Here to View Insight IPTV

    5. IPGuys IPTV

    IPGuys is the new kid on the block to provide IPTV service to people. We found IPGuys one of the most costliest IPTV provider on our list Best IPTV Subscription Providers Canada.

    The trial plan alone costs $3 USD for a one day service.

    IPGuys has a huge collection of North America channels, so you will get a good collection of USA and Canada channels. However, what we didn’t like is the quality of channels.

    Most of the channels were completely downsized at standard definition. The quality of every channel was simple sub-par.

    We didn’t find a single HD channel here. What we liked was that the streaming was quite stable and very reliable. The service was smooth with descent video and audio output on the apk app or using the STB feature.

    Though you get limited amount of channels, plus the pricey IPTV subscription, you can still try to IPGuys service through IPRocket.

    Again the website is quite confusing with the web hosting setup, and you do not get any information about channels, guides or any updates.

    You will have to try out the support too, which we found was quite disappointing, and they feel every customer is a reseller.

    Click Here to View IPGuys IPTV Service

    6. Set TV Now

    Set TV is no longer available and has pulled its service down.

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    Set TV is the poster boy in IPTV service provider with most YouTube influencer supporting the service.

    The UI of the Set TV is the main USP of the service, and the brand itself makes a great impression for any person that is trying out the IPTV service.

    The website of Set TV is very modern and robust, and contains most of the required information, like, channels, account information, payment, etc. with superior live and 24 x 7 support, just like an international brand.

    The main focus of the company is driving customers to their portal to satisfy their content needs. On the channel front, you just get around 500+ only US channels with good quality.

    The streaming quality was quite good, while it lasted.

    The reliability of the SET TV was completely a joke. The channels were frequently going down, while the customer support was a bit of pain, filled with abuses and no empathy towards customers.

    They were running a business to onboard customers, but cared less for customers. You could access the SET TV through the app or through the browser.

    The cost of the Set TV is approximately $20 USD, where you can connect more than 2 device for simultaneous connection, providing quality US content. You also get Adult channels on the Set TV.

    Click Here to View Set TV Now Service

    7. Gears TV – For-US IPTV service

    After SetTV, Gears TV is the new craze that has evolved in the USA and has grown as the most popular streaming service provider.

    Gears TV has over 450+ channel that are originally only from the USA, with a few local and regional channels to choose from.

    This service provider has a thin collection of streams from the UK and Canada. So we advice to view the above list, in case you looking for channels from Canada or UK, and avoid Gears TV for now.

    If you enjoy watching USA channels and you are a sporting person, then Gears TV is the service you ought to buy. You get exclusive access to various sports channels like NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, and other channels to watch various sport league games.

    Coming to the picture quality, we can say that most channels have an average stream quality. Most channels we found were in the HD quality, with a few popular channels in the SD variant quality. One thing that Gears TV is famous for its stream stability.

    We can again assure you that the picture and sound are completely watchable, rather than spendind a bomb of dollars for the same service on your cable TV.

    Gears TV performs really well in reliability, and we did not face any downtime or server crash on their service. We also did not feel any sort of buffering on the IPTV service, even while watching popular PPVs like UFC.

    The streams have always been stable and clear.

    One of the another feature of Gears TV is that it is dependent on a third-party provider for the electronic program guide. Yes, Mayfair Pro is the name of the service that offers complete and accurate EPG service for a premium cost.

    But, if you opt for the IPTV service on Gears TV, then you get the access on Mayfair Pro for free.

    Mayfair Pro is one of the best EPG feature for any IPTV provider in the market today. Our Gears TV apk loaded quite quiskly, and we didn’t face any issue while scrolling or accessing the program guide.

    The UI of the app was completely pleasant on the eye and was user friendly. All thanks to the adavnced EPG fetaure, our experience with the Gears IPTV program was very useful and conveninent on our Android TV box.

    With the Mayfair EPG guide, makes the Gears TV setup a deadly combo. The service on Gears IPTV starts from $17.50 per month, which we feel is a very generous amount for a premium IPTV service that gives you a relaible service, with an accurate programming guide.

    The setup was completely easy. We preferred the install via the Android app, rather than using Kodi, since the APK file gives you a better performance. The installation was similar to any other android app.

    After the installation, you just need to add the Gears TV username and Password, as well the user details for the Mayfair Guide. This should set everything for you, and you should be ready to watch your streams.

    One of the disappointment with Gears TV is that you don’t get any VOD content. There’s no media content for any on-demand media.

    With all this, Gears TV is a great buy, if you looking for US-exclusive IPTV service with reliable and stable streams.

    Click here to view Gears TV

    Summary – IPTV Subscription Providers Canada Edition

    Table of Contents – IPTV Canada Reviews

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  • Epicstream from Boss TV
  • Vader Streams IPTV
  • Insight IPTV
  • IPGuys IPTV
  • Set TV Now
  • Gears TV