Best Instant Pot Canadian Tire 2023 Collection

In this post, we talk about the Best Instant Pot Canadian Tire 2023 collection so that you can make the right decision and select the correct instant pot from your favorite Canadian retailer – Canadian Tire.

Instant Pot Canadian Tire

Instant Pot has become a new rage in this millennial age, and with so many varieties of the instant post available on the market, it has become quite difficult to understand which one to choose for our needs.

We have sourced the most popular, yet the most innovative instant pots available in the market.

And, we have come up with a recommendation to choose before you decide to buy this superior electronic application from the Canadian Tire store.

Let’s quickly dive into our review and see the Best Instant Pot Canadian Tire 2023 collection.

Reviews of the Best Canadian Tire – Instant Pots 2023

Instant PotsRatings$$$
Instant Pot DUO Review
No. 1 Electric Instant Pot Canadian Tire
4.8 StarsCheck Price at Amazon | Check Price at Canadian Tire
Instant Pot – Smart Bluetooth Review
Best Instant Pot with Smart Features
4.8 StarsCheck Price at Amazon | Check Price at Canadian Tire
Instant Pot Ultra Review
Best Electric Instant Pot
4.79 StarsCheck Price at Aliexpress | Check Price at Canadian Tire

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1. Instant Pot DUO

No. 1 Electric Canadian Tire Instant Pot

This variant of the instant pot is available in 2 variety, Duo and Duo Nova.

Both the variants are built with the latest and superior microprocessing technology to regulate pressure, temperature, and heat intensity from the integrated monitor to enhance the quality and consistency of the food that it processes.

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  • Comes with an easy to read and use control panel
  • Ul and ULC certified safe to use body
  • Durable and strong body frame
  • Superior performance in functioning
  • Excellent and pocket-friendly pricing


  • Cannot be used for canning
  • Precaution needs to be taken while handling as the device is fragile

What We Loved.

The best part of the models is they are available at a discounted pricing that does not compromise on quality or sacrifice on important features.

This variant of the instant pots cooks the meal quickly, helps in saving energy, and provides various options that differ from various traditional low-price cooking pots available on the market.

The devices can be used for stir-frying, slow cooking, or pressure cooking, depending on your needs, with manual settings or by using the simple preset options available on the control panel.

The inner stainless steel of the pot is completely dishwasher-safe that makes the Duo variant a better chance in performing from the traditional rivals.

Regardless of what you cook, it is extremely very easy to clean, and, as it has no surface coating or any other chemical-laced coating, the device helps to keep your food free from any harmful chemicals or substances.

One of the USP of the DUO variant is that it can be used for cooking frozen meat or reheating the soup. It allows you to thaw and cook your food at the same time. This helps so that you do not have to thaw your food before cooking.

Cooks Excellent Food
Cooks Excellent Food

As for safety concerns, the Duo variant Instant Pots comes with UL and ULC certified safety features and manufactured according to the Canadian electrical safety standards.

We also found that even during cooking, the temperature of the external parts hardly heat up or get warm. This helps to protect your fingers from misfortunate burns or accidents.

The difference between the 2 – Duo Nova and Duo is that Duo Nova offers more size options, from mini to extra-large (10 quarters), compared to three different sizes (3, 6, 8 quarters) that are available on the Duo variant and is suitable for all needs.

The all-new Duo Nova 2023 version also comes with new features and design improvement over the old Duo Instant Port.

One of the major changes in the all improved intelligent steam release valve with a new sealed lid, which automatically closes when the lid is closed.

With Duo Nova, you also get various safety features like the more robust explosion protection, such as overheating protection, safety lock, progress indicator, etc.

What We Didn’t Like.

These variants of the instant pot are not recommended for the canning process as the instant pots are not able to keep the heat-stable enough or achieve high enough pressure to perform this function safely.

A pressure vessel is needed above the stove to control the canning process.

Our Verdict.

The Duo and Duo Nova instant pot cooking products are a must buy on our list of Best Instant Pot Canadian Tire 2023 collection. They have all the useful features such as intuitive controls, internal non-stick cookware, and dishwasher-safe accessories.

If you are looking for the right pressure cooker, then consider these models, for they are available at a very cheap price with all the features combined in them.

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2. Instant Pot – Smart Bluetooth

Instant Pot with Smart Features

This is a unique instant pot that comes with smart Bluetooth technology that you can pair with your mobile and create your cooking program to execute your special recipes.

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  • Produces consistent results during cooking
  • Beautiful design and completely durable
  • Uses modern technology
  • Easy to use touch controls


  • Very expensive
  • Can take time to learn the features

What We Loved.

Just like the Instant Pot Duo Plus design, the Bluetooth-powered Instant Pot produces almost no noise, does not lose steam, retains the required vitamins and nutrients, and cooks without heat.

It is manufactured exactly like the previous model but comes with the smart instant plate automatic heating feature, which can be controlled remotely. You get three temperature levels (generally low, high), that allows you to keep the food at the desired temperature until you are ready to serve.

Additionally, we loved the 6-quart capacity pot, if you plan to have a grand Thanksgiving spread for the preparation. This helps you to manage and save on space for all the devices on the table.

Control your food to make them tasty

We also loved the all-new 3rd generation integrated microprocessor design, which reduces cooking times by 2x-6x and saves energy up to 79%. This helps us to cook more healthy and delicious food with consistent results.

The USP of this instant pot is that it comes with a Bluetooth function that allows users to monitor the cooking progress of their dishes from their smartphone.

To use this feature, you need to download the free Smart Pot app, allowing you to control all the features of the instant pot.

The best part of the app is that it allows you to save and share all your favorite recipes. The app provides comprehensive settings that you can assign for each recipe such as ingredients, notes, cooking times, temperatures, pressures, etc.

When you plan to cook, simply select your recipe, load the stove and click Start in the app to make all the heat adjustments in the program, where you can also program to stop after cooking.

The app of the Bluetooth-powered instant pot also allows you to add detailed instructions, provide ideas, import photos of dishes, and set multiple commands to your recipes.

There’s also a feature to play 4 different sounds to warn you, when to add new material or when the step is completed.

If you are away from home, you can use the app to get a cooking notification and check the progress of your meal progress over the phone.

This smart variant of the instant pot also comes with 10 safety features that help prevent danger errors.

Furthermore, the 3-layer internal stainless steel pot helps prevent health problems related to non-stick coatings. This allows you to cook your meals without any chemical or coatings that wear off during the years.

What We Didn’t Like.

We found it very difficult to clean the outer ring, where the rice cooker lid was located. In most cases, nothing goes in this area, but if there is an accidental spill, it can be painful to clean.

Also, the smart technology-powered instant pot is quite expensive as we still seeing innovation in food technology. Also, it is very difficult to get used to the various features to use the smart features.

Our Verdict

We truly loved this new rice cooker technology that uses an app to make our cooking easy. We also loved the app that allowed us to save our favorite recipes while cooking.

If you are tech-savvy and want a futuristic cooking solution for cooking meals, then the Instant Pot Smart Bluetooth 6 Qt is worth buying, even though the cost is a tad on the high side.

Check Price at | Check Price at Canadian

The Instant Pot Smart WiFi is a brand-new variant over the previous Bluetooth-powered device that provides much more flexibility to improve your cooking experience.

3. Instant Pot Ultra

Best Electric Instant Pot

This is one of the top contenders on our list – Best Instant Pot Canadian Tire 2023 collection. The Instant Pot Ultra is one of the big brothers in the family of instant cookers. The entire instant pot is more like a versatile utensil that can be used for multiple purposes and can help you save the space for the unwanted vessels.

This pot functions well and is a much better cooker than the traditional cheap pressure cookers available on the market.

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  • Has multiple uses
  • Huge LCD screen
  • Helps conserve energy
  • Produces high-quality results
  • Complete stainless steel cooking pot


  • Programming instructions are difficult to understand
  • Lacks few special features available on other instant variety

What We Loved.

One of the major highlights of this instant rice cooker is the Ulta button that allows you to cook under vacuum using the low temperature on the time cooking method.

This feature allows you to set a low temperature between 104F and 208F, at which temperature you can cook your meal close to a vacuum, allowing you to use this cooker as both a pressure cooker and a zero pressure cooker.

The other feature we loved was that this instant pot provides a fairly large and comfortable LED display. The display is quite bright and easy to read for seniors.

Though the panel is quite difficult to understand, the dial always provides easy access and various adjustment functions.

An ultimate instant cooking pot experience

We also loved the preheating, cooking, and heat charts, which are visible as usage instructions. Another feature we loved was the loud jingle sound that the pot made, informing us that the lid is completely locked.

Unlike the Duo, Lux, or Smart series of instant pots, the Ultra variant gives you a vacuum and the custom temperature function, making it very useful for diverse cooking styles.

It also comes with the updated automatic seal valve, large LCD screen, additional cooking programs, altitude adjustments, cooking indicators, and a steam release reset button.

Along with the advanced settings for better control through precision cooking, the Ultra variant also comes with the pressure release button to stop the cooking process and prevent overheating.

This protects you from injuries that can be caused by the hot vapors released.

Finally, all these features make the Ultra instant pot a very sophisticated buy with much more advanced features available on the traditional cooking devices.

What We Didn’t Like.

The quick-release button sometimes feels hard and requires a stronger push to release the pressure. This can be frustrating.

Also, with so many features, the company hasn’t provided any means of instructions on how to operate this machine. You will need to use the internet to even discover any new features you want to know more about.

This sort of hides most of the advance features that you can use to perfect your pressure cooking methods or to use the product more safely.

Additionally, few more advanced features like setting the flavor infusion technology were missing on the device.

Our Verdict

Overall, the Instant Pot Ultra series is well-built, functions as advertised, and has excellent features to experience the best pressure cooking experience. If you do not have a budget, we recommend this instant pot device.

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Summary – Best Instant Pot Canadian Tire Reviews

With this we complete, we complete our review on the best instant pots that you can buy from Canadian Tire. The instant pots we have listed are the most popular electric rice cookers, specially made for the people in Canada.

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What is an Instant Pot?

Instant Pots are very fast and smart electric rice cookers with the functionality of multiple cooking options. The instant pot cookers act as a pressure cooker, rice cooker, slow-temp cooker, steamer, yogurt maker, and heating pot.

It has various more functionality that you do not get on the traditional pot cookers.

In addition to the above basic features, these instant cooking pots come with sophisticated programming options to cook various recipes.

The features for each model are completely different and you need to choose each instant pot model for your cooking needs.

Why you need Instant Pots

Gas stoves work more effectively and save more money in the long run. But you will change your mind, once you start using an instant pot.

Some of the best dishes on the internet have been prepared instantly through instant pots and they taste yum!

Read the section below to know why we feel that instant pots are worth investing our time and money more regularly during cooking.

1. These are useful tools

Instant pots are like a one-stop cooking appliance that you can use to prepare almost anything. You get many benefits like precise timer setup, various cooking preset options, and dishwasher-friendly accessories that help make cooking much easier and faster.

These futuristic instant machines help everyone have healthy and home-cooked food more quickly at home.

2. They save time

These instant pot devices help effectively reduce cooking times. You can almost complete your cooking within 20 minutes, where traditional methods could take about 60 minutes.

The tightly-coupled seals help prevent the escape of air and humidity, thus significantly speed up cooking.

Also, you do not need to defrost frozen foods, before pressure cooking, which saves a lot of time, making it much easier for busy people to cook homemade dinners.

For example, instead of spending hours softening beans, you can use an instant pot and you can finish an entire dish in 40 minutes, about three times faster than a traditional gas stove.

3. They help save energy

Instant pots typically consume 70% less energy than any other traditional rice cookers.

These savings depend on the efficiency or inefficiency of how old the appliance is, but in both cases less money is spent on the bills, thus saving electricity.

4. They are easy to clean

The simple shape and compact dimensions of instant pots help to clean the device within a few minutes. Therefore, everyone loves instant pots.

Besides, all four major non-electrical parts, the exterior, interior, lid, and the silicone ring are compatible with the dishwasher, making it extremely easy to clean.

Keep in mind that even though the jar accessories are very durable, the seal ring may fade and start producing a funky scent after prolonged daily use. Therefore, always replace the old silicone ring every 6 months.

5. They are very safe to use

Modern pressure cookers, especially instant cookware, are generally 100% safe as they have a lockable lid, six valves, and a highly secured ventilation safety system that prevents explosions and other serious accidents.

Therefore, even after years of use, it is almost impossible for these high-quality stainless steel designs to explode.

Which Instant Pot You Should Buy?

Instant pots are available in various varieties that include the LUX, DUO, DUO PLUS, SMART, and ULTRA models.

All of them have manual programming, individual programming options, and, above all, the same suite of safety functions. However, each one has some unique characteristics.

1. The Lux (Price range between $60 – $110)

The LUX series, in particular, the Instant Pot Lux 80, are the basic Instant Pot products and are generally offered in the sizes of 3, 5, 6, and 8 quarters.

They all have 12 preset programs (soup, stew, cake, egg, sautéed, rice, multigrain, steam, porridge, pressure cooker, hot cooking, slow cooking) and 7 preset temperatures.

This is perfect for budget chefs who do not intend to use the low-pressure yogurt option.

2. DOU and DOU PLUS series (Price range between $70 – $130)

These are currently the most popular models on the market and are available in 3 quart, 6 quart, and 8-quart sizes.

In addition to all the basic functions present in the Lux model, they can also be used to prepare yogurt or cook at low pressure.

3. Smart (Price range between $160 – $299)

The Smart Instant Cookers comes in 2 different variants, one that works on Bluetooth and the other works on Wifi. The new Wifi-enabled instant cooker is much more advanced and intelligent and you can connect with your Alex device.

Through Alexa, you can then use your voice to control your pressure cooker.

We loved the Smart Instant Pot series that you can connect your smart cooker with a virtual-controlled app. This allows you to control your rice cooker using your phone Bluetooth or Wifi.

In addition, you can also control the temperature and cooking time or create & share your recipes.

The best part of the Smart series cookers that these instant pots can be cooked at any temperature, unlike other pressure cookers on the market that can be cooked only on the set temperature.

Smart Instant variety can also be used to make yogurt or cook a cake. The only downside of these variants is the cost, which is quite expensive.

If you looking for more modern and best quality instant pots, then the smart series will not disappoint you.

4. ULTRA (Price range > $ 150)

These models stand out by offering higher capacity than their counterparts. Well known as a 10 in 1 cooker, it can manage all cooking activities.

You can program cooking times, temperatures, pressure levels and even delay times to create perfect and personalized recipes. This is a great selling point for many people.

How to choose the best instant plate size?

Instant pressure cookers come in different plat sizes such as 3, 5, 6, and 8 liters.

Depending on the size of the meal to plan and prepare for your family plus the size of your family will help decide the best instant plat size for your needs.

It will at least provide an approximate judgment based on your usage.

Use the following guide to check the difference between each plat size and the requirement for you.

  • 3-liter instant rice cooker (also known as the instant mini pot) is ideal for couples, single or small families who cook less often and only deal with basic cooking techniques.
  • 5-liter instant rice cooker is the ideal size for 1-3 people living in an apartment, dormitory, or hostels.
  • 6-liter instant rice cooker (the popularly used size) is more than enough for cooking in batches for small and medium-sized families and for people that love to experiment with their cooking.
  • 8-liter instant rice cooker (maximum size available) is suitable for families of 5 or more people and for more advanced chefs that love to experiment in their kitchens.

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