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This post will give you a complete understanding on How to Shop on Gearbest Canada. Read our post and know the secrets, before you can make your purchase on

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The craze in online shopping from China is steadily growing with advancement in technology and as the world is coming closer, so are the products from China.

The variety of products you get in China is no where near than you can get in your own country in Canada. The cost here to are very cheap and very affordable for the quality of good you get.

One of the leading eCommerce company is GearBest. We’ll thoroughly review this shopping portal and give you interesting tips on how to shop safe and securely on from Canada

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What is Gearbest Canada? is a leading eCommerce company that specializes in selling electronic gadgets and clothing.

The company is based out in China, and unlike Aliexpress, GearBest is a company itself that markets and sells products from their platform.

You won’t find different sellers, like you see on The company itself stores the products in their warehouse and ship to customers, once you place an order on the website.

The main USP of GearBest Canada is the vast collection of electronic goods, all available from China, at really cheap cost with more focus on quality.

The products available on the platform are also innovative that you will not get in any brick or motar shop.

The best part of this website is that the company ships globally to all location, including the USA and Canada, at a great cost and saving on your order.

You can check out more on the company at the official GearBest website at

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Tips & Tricks – When Buying from GearBest Canada

Unlike, chinese eCommerce companies are known to be fraud. But companies like GearBest has created a reputation to be an international brand, providing world-class support and service.

This makes GearBest completely safe, trustworthy and reliable. But, it is always helpful that you follow the following tips, when you shop on GearBest Canada, so that you do not fall for any fraudulent transactions.

  1. Always use PayPal, when paying for any item on Gearbest. PayPal is a renowned international payment gateway that gives you the option to pay for any service, without entering your card details.
  2. In addition, you also get the buyer’s protection option, allowing you to raise a dispute within 180 days, in case you do not like the product or have not received the product during transit.
  3. You can also claim shipping costs from Gearbest, if you want to return the product to the company. Here, the transaction is completely safe, secure and also refunds are very fast, eliminating international bank headaches
  4. Always have a credit card verified on PayPal. This will help in faster dispatch of your product. GearBest is known to ask for credit card proof, in case your credit card details do not match the shipping details. This is done to prevent fraud transaction.
  5. Use Priority Direct Mail or Expedited Shipping option. Canadian from French speaking province like Montreal, Quebec and other English regions like British Columbia, Vancouver, etc. can opt for tax free delivery with a tracking details using the Priority Direct Mail option.
  6. There is an extra charge if you opt for Expedited Shipping, but you will receive the product much faster, that is, within 7 days.
  7. Always buy an insurance if you are ordering an item worth over CAD$ 25. The cost of insurance is very cheap at Gearbest and this will add another layer of security to your product. With insurance, you will be guarantee that you won’t be charged any additional custom or tax on the product in Canada. If you do, Gearbest will reimburse the amount to you as a customer.
  8. It will also protect you in case your order is lost during transit, it will reimburse the order or reship the product, depending on the investigation.

Which are the different Gearbest Shipping Options to Canada?

Gearbest has the following shipping methods for people in Canada:

American Warehouse: This warehouse only meant for people in the USA. If you are from the United States, opt for this option to receive your product quicker. This option DOES NOT ship to Canada.

Unregistered Air Mail: This the cheapest option to ship your product from But you will not receive any tracking number to trace your shipment. In addition, you will also receive the product in 15-28 business days.

Priority Direct Mail: This is the most preferred option, if you plan to buy goods from GearBest Canada. By this method, you are guaranteed that you will not be charged any custom taxes on your order. But, not all products will have this option enabled.

Flat Rate Shipping: This is the default option available on products for Gearbest shipping to Canada. This is a free shipping method, but you will be eligible for custom taxes for order above CAD$20. You can also choose Royal Mail or Netherland Post, if Expedited Shipping is expensive on the order.

Expedited Shipping: This is the fastest shipping method available on Gearbest. You can choose from DHL, USPS, FedEx or UPS. With the fastest shipping, you will also have to pay for custom tax for orders above CAD$ 20 and additional brokerage charges, which goes to upto CAD$ 40, depending on the courier company you select.

What is the handling fees & customs for shipping to Canada from GearBest?

In case you use the Expedited Shipping option, then you will be subjected to a fixed cost of CAD$ 5 that will be use for paperwork and handling process during the order import in Canada.

Note, here only those orders above value CAD$ 20 is subjected to custom fees + handling fees. Any order below CAD$ 20 is not taxable. If you are charged any such amount, contact the GearBest support team.

Now coming to the custom taxes, you will be subjected to PST (Provincial Sales Tax) and GST (Goods and Services Tax) or HST (Harmonized Sales Tax), depending on the region that you live in.

In most cases, orders using the Flat Rate Shipping will slip away easily from customs, because Gearbest declares the product as gift or a t a cost below CAD$ 20.

If you opted for Expedited Shipping, be ready to pay for customs and handling fees.

Which is the Best Gearbest Shipping Method to Canada?

Priority Direct Mail is easily the best and most preferred method, if you want to shop from Gearbest. This method is completed free and you won’t be charged any additional customs fees or handling charges.

Most electronics like drones, smartphones, or other electronic gadgets are available through this method.

Using this method, always check CA Priority Mail or Canada Express as the options. The logistics partner for the option is UBI and provides a decent tracking system for customers in Canada.

You can check out the tracking details here:

What is the shipping time to Canada?

The average shipping time from Gearbest to Canada is around 10-15 business days. In some cases, we received our product very early.

Always remember to complete the payment for your product on Gearbest at the earliest and opt for the Priority Direct Mail option as the shipping partner, which is the best shipping method for shopping on GearBest to Canada.

What is the insurance conditions on GearBest?

Once you reach the checkout page, you will find the option to buy an insurance for your order. If you are ordering items over CAD$ 20 then opt for this option.

The insurance cost is very low, and you will be eligible for a full refund on orders that lost during transit or return dead on arrival.

For orders without insurance and above CAD$ 20 are only eligible for half of the product value, in case the order is lost during shipping or is broken.

Here, DO NOT take any chances and always opt for an insurance if you plan to buy an electronic gadget above CAD$ 20 from

What is warranty & returns for purchase on GearBest?

All products bought on GearBest are eligible for a 1 year warranty or as specified on the product page. You also get a 45-days gurantee to return the product, in case you are not satisfied with the product you ordered from Gearbest.

Ensure that you do not tamper with the product hardware or software, which can void the warranty and diminish your chances for a return.

In case, you receive a product which completely dead at your doorstep, then do the following steps:

  • Go to Gearbest website, and open a support ticket within 72 hours. Upload the picture or video as a proof for the issue.
  • Also, mention the choice you want. You can either opt for a replacement or complete refund.
  • GearBest will accept the option you choose.
  • For low value items, GearBest will ship an alternative product, without you returning the product back to GearBest.
  • For high value items, you will have to send the product back to GearBest to claim for a refund.
  • GearBest will reimburse the shipping cost upto USD $50. Ensure to follow the instructions on the RMA and be patience, cause the product takes time to reach to GearBest warehouse. After 7-10 days after the product is reached, you will get the amount to your account. Best option is to obtain a credit in the wallet, which you can use on your next purchase on GearBest.

    What is the processing times for orders on GearBest?

    Items on GearBest are sent from warehouse in China, and the processing times are specified on the product page. During the holiday season, you will have to add a buffer of about +2 days for the process of your orders.

    In case your order is still under processing for a great period of time, then contact the support team immediately at:

    If you open a ticket for orders under processing, then the support will put your order on “Hold”, until the issue is rectified.

    How to contact GearBest Support team?

    The official GearBest support team can be contacted at You can also visit the GearBest FB page to get the latest deals and coupons for shopping on GearBest.

    For any refund or payment related issues, raise a ticket on the support url.

    How to raise dispute on PayPal for

    For quicker refunds, always opt to pay using PayPal. This will help you to pay directly using your account, without entering your card details, and also get quicker resolution from PayPal on disputed transactions.

    If you open a PayPal dispute on GearBest, then the following conditions will occur:

  • If your product is not yet shipped, GearBest will offer a complete refund
  • If your product is shipped, GearBest will offer a refund, once you send the item back to GearBest warehouse
  • Open a PayPal dispute, only if you want a refund on your order.

    Our Take – GearBest Review is a legit shopping portal, where you can get great deals on electronics gadgets and clothing items. We have tried the service, and have ordered items constantly from the shopping product everyday.

    Simply, ensure that you follow the Tips & Tricks section to safeguard yourself from any unwanted shopping experience.

    The customer support on GearBest is very responsive and helps you understand the correct status of your product.

    Coming to the shipping from GearBest, since most items are shipped from China, expect a delay in receiving your goods in Canada. The maximum time for the product to reach in Canada is 2 weeks or 15 days.

    The process to shop on GearBest is very easy, just search for the product, select the shipping method, enter the shipping address and select the payment method to pay for your product.

    Here on the payment method, we advise you to pay using PayPal, since you are completely secured and get a 180 days buyer protection from PayPal.

    Note, the delivery time of 12-15 business days on GearBest includes:

  • 1 day to process your item
  • 2-3 days to ship your product
  • 5-10 days to deliver your product to your home in Canada

    After you select the right shipping method, Gearbest will send you a tracking code through which you can track the exact location of your item. You can view the tracking information on Gearbest website from: Login to My Account > My Order > Click Tracking.

    You can also visit to view the status of your product.

    We have also collected a few links available on the internet that reviews the GearBest website in detail:

    For any issues, you can contact the support team that is very quick and responsive to any issue you have with the product. You can also share videos and pictures of your product, if it arrives in a dead condition.

    On the guarantee front, Gearbest offers you a 30-day refund policy, in case your item is unused and unopen. You will have to return the product to GearBest for claiming a refund. Gearbest also reimburses the shipping charges to you.

    in addition, you also get a 45-day Money Back Guarantee, in case your product fails within the period for a new product as a replacement or a refund.

    So is GearBest legit? The answer is yes, like any shopping portal, just follow the rules and buy from GearBest, which is turning into a one-stop-solution to buy goods from China.

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