How to Shop on Aliexpress Canada – Buyer’s Guide + Coupon

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In this post, we will give you a detailed explanation on How to Shop on Aliexpress Canada. The post will give you a complete break-down on you journey, while you shop on

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No matter how well is doing, AliExpress is going to change the way you see online shopping with more amount of products at great price.

What is Aliexpress Canada?

Founded by Jack Ma, AliExpress is a leading online shopping portal, with roots originating in China, and part of the Alibaba group.

The ecommerce website is similar to, where sellers sell almost everything from their website, and Aliexpress acts as the intermediary between the seller and the customer.

The website has grown completely vast over the years that you can find any items, including electronics, house-hold products, clothing, novelty, shoes, baby products, sports, etc. for a way cheaper rate, with AliExpress surety and quality.

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You can also negotiate with the seller in understanding the product and also getting a great discount on the item.

AliExpress has expanded its wings to Canada, and you can go ahead and order from AliExpress any item with much faster and improved shipping items.

You can also talk with the seller and get the product value lowered, so that you can save on taxes and customs.

AliExpress is only made for international customers like USA, Canada, Australia, Spain, etc. with world-class service and English speaking support to assist you if you face any problem.

Every seller on the portal also speak English, which is a plus-point.

How does AliExpress Canada Works?

The strict rules of AliExpress will help you be safe with your shopping experience. AliExpress provides Buyer’s Protection just like PayPal, and will only release your fund to the seller, only after you confirm that you received the product and you are happy with the product.

In case, you do not receive the product, you can contact the support team in getting your refund or return the product back and get a full refund, if you are not satisfied with the product.

Usually, the seller are very co-operating and will refund the money, given the cost the product it sells for.

AliExpress Canada can be found at, and is just like eBay. You can view every listing, read the description, check the shipping methods, and select the product that you want to buy. You can then go ahead and add the shipping address and pay for the product.

Within a day or two, the seller will ship the item to your specified address. You will receive a tracking code, which you can add it to the website: and know the exact status of your product.

How to login to Aliexpress?

To buy any item on Aliexpress, you need to create an account. However, you can browse the entire website without any account.

The account details are very important to understand the genuity of the buyer, and to track the products that are under shipment. You can check out the current status of your product or set alerts in case a product is out of stock.

The account also handles your shipping address and the payment methods. You can also add reviews to seller or products.

AliExpress provides coupons and discounts for verified accounts.

To access Aliexpress Login,

  • Go to You can also view Aliexpress on your smartphone.
  • Browse the homepage and find your product you wish to buy.
  • Once you add a product to the cart, you will redirected to the Login page.
  • If you are not registered, register for your Aliexpress account that is completely free.
  • You will need to enter your email address and required password.
  • After you activate your account using the validation link, your account is activated.
  • Go to the login screen, enter your email address and password.
  • Click login to enter your account. You can then proceed with the payment option for your product.

Does Aliexpress Ship to Canada – Tips & Tricks?

Aliexpress is a renowned international that ships successfully to countries in the west, specially the North America regions, including USA & Canada.

Aliexpress provides different shipping options, and every shipping method depends on the time it will take to reach your place.

ePacket is the best Aliexpress Shipping to Canada. Most products shipped using this method take about 15-25 days to reach your home in Canada. The average shipping time takes about 12 business days.

Many sellers provide ePacket service for free, since it is very cost effective and you also receive a tracking code for the shipment.

The ePacket option is best for shopping with Aliexpress Canada:

  • Faster and quicker dispatch handling from seller
  • Cost effective option for seller and buyer
  • Reaches within 12 business days to Canada
  • Shipping is handled by the Canadian Post, hence wide-coverage of delivery in Canada

Most products on Aliexpress using the ePacket option arrive on the ports in Vancouver for all small items. The customs here clear products more faster than the ones arriving from the major airports.

One of the another reason to opt for ePacket as the best Aliexpress shipping to Canada is you get to save on custom tax and duties. You can ask your seller to lower the product value to CAD$20, so that you will not be charged for any taxation.

Aliexpress also has popular and most fast means of shipping of within 1 week using DHL & USPS.

But these shipping to Canada involves exorbitant additional charges, and you also need to pay additional customs, handling duties, once you receive the product at your doorstep.

Use DHL or USPS for items that you need to reach much faster and are high-value products.

How is the experience on Aliexpress Shipping to Canada?

You need patience, when you buy from Aliexpress. Aliexpress has the best product collection, which you will not find even on Amazon.

The product quality has increased tremendously, and due to bulk processing, the cost is very cheap. Aliexpress also runs offers and discounts which you can use to lower the cost even more.

However, do not expect a 1-day shipping like Amazon Prime. You will receive your product max in 12 business days. Simply opt for tracking code, and the ePacket option so that you can trace the whereabouts of your product.

For faster shipping, use Aliexpress Premium Shipping, DHL or USPS, but be prepared to bear extra taxes, custom and handling costs, when your product reaches near your doorstep.

Where can I read Aliexpress Reviews?

Aliexpress is a reputed site and has been in the business for many years now. Every product you buy from contains reviews specified by different buyers.

You can also read the Questions & Answers sections, where customers add their doubts and other customer can answer those questions.

You can also read a few sites that we have listed below that will talk about different Aliexpress Reviews from different website:

Is Aliexpress safe to buy from?

Aliexpress is a trusted site and is famous for its world-class customer support that has strict rules against fraudulent sellers on their platform.

Like any platform, here the sellers are from China, and we all know how cunning chinese sellers can be.

Unlike, where the brand is very known for quality products, Aliexpress also has counterfeit products that are available on their platform at a cheaper rate.

Just follow the simple points below to help be secure and keep your Aliexpress experience completely safe.

  1. Always buy products from top-rated sellers that have an overall rating of more than 96% in terms of communication, shipping, quality, etc.
  2. Read reviews about customers so that you can understand the product you are buying in detail
  3. Read the Question & Answers section Aliexpress to get complete details on the product
  4. Be in touch with your seller to check if the seller is responsive about the product
  5. Always ask if the product is in stock, before buying
  6. Use PayPal option so that you don’t need to enter the card details, and get faster refunds
  7. You can also use the My Wallet feature of Aliexpress for faster and secure transaction and refunds
  8. Always check the ePacket option for faster shipping and emphasise on a tracking code for your product
  9. Contact the support and ask for refund in case you face any problem

Aliexpress provides a 45-day money guarantee, even after you receive the product. If you are unsatisfied, you can raise a dispute with Aliexpress.

aliexpress safe

How to access Aliexpress English?

By default, Aliexpress is available in the language, based on the geographical region you visiting. If you are visiting from the Canada, by default, Aliexpress will open in the English language.

In case you are accessing the site from a french or using a VPN, you can also access Aliexpress English using the link:

The AliExpress global site is available in English language.

How to access Aliexpress Canada Francais?

People from Canada province, specially from the French-Canadian regions can also buy from Aliexpress. The link to access the Aliexpress Canada Francais site is:

Now, you can access Aliexpress french language as well.

Is Aliexpress Quebec available?

People from French province like Montreal can use Aliexpress Quebec link: and shop from

Aliexpress ships to various provinces in Canada, including Quebec. In fact, opt for the ePacket option and get faster and quicker shipping to Quebec.

Contact the seller, before buying for more information.

How to use PayPal to pay on AliExpress?

PayPal is a leading payment provider in Canada and USA. PayPal is one of the safest mode of payment, and you do not need to enter your credit/debit card details in the AliExpress website.

You also get Buyer’s Protection for PayPal, that assures you complete safety, in case your card details is compromised.

Aliexpress has done a great job to satisfy customer’s in Canada, with the Aliexpress PayPal service. To use your PayPal account on Aliexpress, go to the payment page, and find the PayPal option in the listing.

Opt for that option, and you should be taken to the PayPal homepage, where you can make the payment using PayPal, without sharing your card details.

Note, here you will be charged a flat surcharge of $1.15 dollar against PayPal fees. We still feel that the cost is completely negligible to safeguard your account completely.

One of bigger advantage of using Aliexpress PayPal is faster refund, where the amount directly reaches your PayPal account, instead of the bank account that takes a lot of time to reach your account.

With this we complete our post on “How to Shop on Canada?”. We’ll be updating the post more often with more information to make your shopping experience more secure and safe.

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