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This post will give you an opportunity to view the best Italian IPTV provider, in our quest to find the right IPTV Italy server for the masses. Italian IPTV

The online media is constantly growing, and with that the cost of cable subscription, everyone including the people in Italy should need a way to replace their service from cable operations.

This to move to a better alternative, that is, through internet TV with a cheap cost than your usual cable subscription, with channels in HD.

Today we’ll check a really great IPTV provider for Italy with excellent collection of Italian channels with diverse entertainment. Let’s quickly dive into a detailed review on the best IPTV Italy service.

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Introducing Best Italian IPTV

WittyCentral is a leading IPTV provider that has already established itself as the most popular service in Canada. Now, they have launched the exclusive Italy channels for people in Italy.

We tried out their service, going for the trial first, which just costs 1.99 Euro. The company has kept this cost so that people do not exploit the system.

Starting with the trial code and activation, we paid using PayPal, which we liked, since we it is very secured transaction for any IPTV service.

IPTV Italy

The activation of the code took around 2-hrs to setup. We were constantly in touch with David from WittyCentral that helped us with every questions we had and get started with our IPTV Italy service.

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Moving ahead, we then logged in to the .apk David provided. We entered the username and password, and we were through in our system. The overall UI of the app was pretty easy to use and explore.

We tried the service on an android tv box, which you can read at: Best Android Tv Box Apps – Canada Edition

Truly, WittyCentral has a large collection of Italian channels to choose from. Starting from the very drama, live series, sports, everything we wanted we got in the list.

You can check below the channel listing we found on the IPTV service.

IPTV Italy Channels

Here is a detailed list on the best IPTV Italy channels available for the provider. The list consists of great HD and FHD channels, with a unique collection of local, sporting, drama, nature, channels in the SD edition.

Check out the list and see for yourselves, what WittyCentral has to offer to you.

  • Italia1 HD
  • Italia 2
  • Video Calabria
  • Giallo
  • Mediaset Iris
  • Teleticino
  • Super Tennis
  • Sky Primafila 9
  • Sky Primafila 5
  • Sky Primafila 4
  • SKY Primafila 2
  • Sky Primafila 14
  • Sky Primafila 13
  • Sky Primafila 12
  • Sky Primafila 10
  • SKY Primafila 1
  • SKY Cinema 3D
  • Real Time
  • Rai Gulp
  • Premium Disney Junior
  • Milan Channel
  • Discovery Focus
  • Supercalcio HD
  • SKY TG 24
  • Sky Primafila 8
  • Sky Primafila 7
  • Sky Primafila 6
  • SKY Primafila 3
  • Sky Fox Comedy HD
  • Sky Calcio 7
  • Sky Calcio 6
  • Sky Calcio 5
  • Sky Calcio 4
  • Sky Calcio 3
  • Sky Calcio 2
  • Sky Calcio 1
  • Bike Channel FHD
  • Blaze FHD
  • Canale 5 FHD
  • Crime Investigation FHD
  • Discovery Sci FHD
  • Fox Animation FHD
  • Fox Comedy FHD
  • Fox Crime FHD
  • Fox FHD
  • Fox Life FHD
  • Fox Sports FHD
  • Gambero Rosso FHD
  • History FHD
  • Italia 1 FHD
  • Juventus TV FHD
  • Premium Sport 2 FHD
  • Premium Sport FHD
  • Rai 1 FHD
  • Rai 2 FHD
  • Rai 3 FHD
  • Roma TV FHD
  • Sky Arte FHD
  • Sky Atlantic FHD
  • Sky Calcio 1 FHD
  • Sky Calcio 2 FHD
  • Sky Calcio 3 FHD
  • Sky Calcio 4 FHD
  • Sky Calcio 5 FHD
  • Sky Calcio 6 FHD
  • Sky Cinema 24 FHD
  • Sky Cinema 1 FHD
  • Sky Cinema Comedy FHD
  • Sky Cinema Cult FHD
  • Sky Cinema Family FHD
  • Sky Cinema Hits FHD
  • Sky Cinema Max FHD
  • Sky Cinema Passion FHD
  • Sky Sport 1 FHD
  • Sky Sport 2 FHD
  • Sky Sport 24 FHD
  • Sky Sport 3 FHD
  • Sky Sport F1 FHD
  • Sky Sport MotoGP FHD
  • Sky Sport Plus FHD
  • Sky Supercalcio FHD
  • Sky Uno FHD
  • Rai Yoyo
  • Premium Studio Universal
  • Premium Sport 2
  • Premium Disney Junior
  • Premium Comedy
  • The collection also includes the latest Italian movies and series from the world that will help you enjoy a complete entertainment package. You also get popular English movies and series with Italian subs that will help you watch easily any world channels.

    IPTV Performance

    Coming to the performance, we played most of the channels, and everything started streaming very quick, without any issue.

    We also loved the HD quality streams that very good in quality, yet fast in streaming. We knew that the app is completely optimized to support the streaming service.

    Plan Cost

    The plan starts with 20 Euro per month. But, we have been assured by David that they have a special 3-month plan that will give you a discount upto 40%. You need to contact to the support for any discount or offer.

    You can also get a cheaper price, if you opt for the longer plans like 3-months, 6-months or even 1-year.

    Supported Device

    The IPTV Italy service will work on any Android device like the Android TV box, and Android Smartphone, and Tab. You can also opt for the m3u list that you can play with the Cherry Player or VLC player.

    Interesting you can also play this streaming service from WittyCentral on your MAG boxes and your Smart TV. This was really great given the cost you are receiving the service on.

    Our Take – WittyCentral – Best IPTV for Italy

    One thing that we loved was the selection of channels. You will not find such a large collection of channels on any IPTV provider. The service provided by the company is specially made for people in Italy.

    The collection includes SD and HD quality of channels, ranging from drama, sports, comedy, action, thriller, and local Italian channels that you can watch with your loved ones.

    The cost too is very comfortable on the pocket, thus helping you save more than your expensive cable subscription. We also loved the VOD that is very comprehensive with excellent and popular TV series and movies.

    You should really give this IPTV service a try and enjoy the Italian IPTV for a cheap and excellent cost.

    What is IPTV?

    IPTV is a technology that allows you to watch live channels via streaming over the internet. You just need a fast internet connection, atleast upto 5 mbps to experience entertainment without any lags.

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    What to consider when buying an IPTV for Italy?

    The following things you should consider when you are choosing the perfect IPTV service provider for your home.

    DNS Latency

    Always when opting for an IPTV service, select the service that gives you minimum TFB. That is the server, which is closest to your location.

    You will get a url from your IPTV service provider, put that link in and check the performance.

    The service from WittyCentral gives you under 50ms under test, since most of their servers are located in France, with better connectivity to Italy. This gives better and stable connection for your IPTV service.

    Service & Support

    WittyCentral provides you the best service and support for any issue that you face with the service. The support central is quite responsive in case any channel is down and give us proper resolution in fixing any issue that we faced.

    Even the setup was really quick and bang on for the cost

    Server Reliability

    Servers on WittyCentral are very fast for streaming Italia channels over the internet using the IPTV Italy service.

    One thing we loved about this service is that WittyCentral has multiple servers that will hook you on to a backup service, in case the main server goes down.

    Device Support

    Always try and find service that allows you to view your service on multiple device. WittyCentral has support for all device, and for all platforms.

    PayPal Support

    Always opt for an IPTV provider that gives you an option to pay using PayPal. This way you can save yourself from any fraud, as you don’t need to enter your cards details on the site, plus you can issue a chargeback if the seller does not provide you the best service.

    With this, we have completed our search in finding the best Italian IPTV service for people seeking to watch Italian channels for streaming. Do contact the support of WittyCentral for any questions that you have.

    Summary – Best Italian Italy Service Provider