StbEmu Guide – Setup IPTV in 10-easy Steps

This guide will walk you through the ultimate StbEmu Guide to setup your IPTV service in 10-easy to do steps. STBEmu is the most popular and stable IPTV application that many older IPTV providers still use.

Many people in Canada still do not know how to set up the application to receive IPTV channels on their IPTV set-top box.

StbEmu guide

STB Emu or STB Emulator is an android app that works on any Android devices, including your Android box or Android phone and supports IPTV service through the stalker portal.

The app helps emulate the MAG boxes available (250, 254, 255 and 256) models and assist you in transitioning from a Linux MAG box to an Android box or an Android phone.

We found the STB Emu app quite stable, and the app runs on the latest VLC codecs that play all IPTV live channels with ease.

STB Emu app is available on Google Play Store. In addition, you can download from the following links:

StbEmu Free
StbEmu Pro

The difference between the two apps is that the StbEmu Pro is a paid version that costs less than 6 dollars a year and has no advertisements. The free version of the StbEmu app is equally powerful and shows few advertisements only on the menu screen.

So let’s quickly look at how to setup the StbEmu app on your Android device.

The STB Emulator setup on your Android device is very easy and straight forward. Only ensure that you have your MAC ID ready and provide the MAC ID/Portal ID correctly to your provider.

STBEmu Guide (STB Emulator Setup – User Guide)

  1. Download the StbEmu app on your device using the above Google Play Store links. You can also download this free premium unlocked StbEmu app:
  2. Once you have installed the app, open the Stb Emu app.
  3. Before you can set up the STBEmu application, you first need to get your MAC ID and send the MAC ID to your IPTV provider to add your MAC ID in the IPTV panel Or you can also use the same existing MAC ID from your previous box and add to the MAC ID of the STB Emulator app.

    You can also read our post on reviews of various IPTV Canada Providers:

  4. Use your remote and press the menu button or hold down the OK button, then on the pop-up screen, press and select Settings.
  5. Select Profiles and then select the New Profile option, which is highlighted in red. You can rename and change this profile, or you may delete it and create a new one. In this case, we just change the default profile.
  6. Provide a name for the Profile and then click OK.
  7. Next, select STB configuration.
  8. Under MAC address, it shows the MAC address of your StbEmu app. Provide this MAC ID to your IPTV provider, who will configure your StbEmu app in their IPTV panel and provide you with the Portal URL, which you will use in the next step.
  9. If you wish to migrate the IPTV service from the Linux MAG device with your StbEmu app or any stalker-based device, get the MAC ID that starts with 00:1A… and then select MAC-address and then add the MAC ID of your existing device, then confirm the same MAC address with your IPTV service, if the device is properly configured to use their service.


    In certain case, you also need to add the model number of your existing MAG box or stalker device; on the same Profile screen, select STB Model and then select the model number of your previous STB box. If you have any doubts, select MAG 254 as that is the most popular STB box.

  10. Once you have done the settings, you will need to add the server URL sent by your provider. To do so, from the STB configuration screen, press back and then you will be on the Portal screen. Select Portal Settings and then select Portal URL.
  11. Delete the default portal URL and add the URL sent to you by your provider.
  12. Finally, hit the back button till you return to the menu of the STB Emu app, press the menu button again or hold and press the OK button, select Profile and then finally select the new Profile that you have created.
  13. The StbEmu app will start connecting to the server and load the channels for you.

With this, we have completed with the StbEmu Guide setup for any IPTV service that uses the stalker portal option. You can read the following sections, if you face any issues after configuring the StbEmu app on your Android devices, to troubleshoot any issues you may face.

StbEmu Not Working? 5-Easy Fixes

Even if you followed the above steps, if the IPTV service does not work properly on your device, follow the below troubleshooting steps.

Disable Network Cache

Network Cache is activated by default and helps to speed up the loading of the portal, but in a few cases, it is quite counterproductive, and if your internet does not have a stable connection, you may get freezing.

To disable the network cache.

  • Use your remote and press the menu button or hold down the OK button, then on the pop-up screen, press and select Settings
  • Select Common settings and then select Network settings at the bottom.
  • Uncheck the box for Enable network cache option.
  • Press back and then reload the portal.

Reload a Portal on STB Emulator app

If you made any change to settings or if your provider has added new channels or PPV channels, you need to reload your portal manually, that is, refresh the channel list on your StbEmu portal.

To reload the portal URL on the STB Emu app.

  • Use your remote and press the menu button or hold down the OK button, then on the pop-up screen, select Profile and then select the Profile that you have added to reload and then view your IPTV service.

Another option is to click on the menu symbol in the upper left corner and select Reload Portal from the drop down menu. Because we only have one portal profile setup, it will automatically reload that one.

Another simple tip to quickly reload the portal is to close the app and then start the app again. The portal will reload automatically with the new changes.

Incorrect Screen Resolution

Sometimes while streaming, the picture quality may cut out or show black lines at the top or bottom. You can set a fixed screen resolution for your TV in the StbEmu app to prevent that.

The fixed screen resolution will help fix the distorted picture and make the picture quality adapt to your IPTV streaming and TV’s resolution.

To change the screen resolution:

  • From the menu screen, select Settings, select profile, and select your IPTV’s Profile.
  • Select STB Configuration, and select Screen resolution.
  • Set the screen resolution to Auto, which will instruct the StbEmu app to use the right resolution for your TV, based on the channel quality.
  • Press back and then reload your portal.

When I launch StbEmu (Pro), I get a black/white screen (blank screen).

It’s one of the most typical issues with the Android app. When you open an app, you will often see a black screen for a few seconds before the programme crashes with or without an error notice. There are just a few options for resolving this issue.

  • Most of the time, it’s just a momentary loading problem. Close the app, restart your device and then open the StbEmu app.
  • Also, in some cases, the portal url may be incorrect, verify the correct portal (server url) from your IPTV provider and ensure that there isn’t any space in the text field. StbEmu shows a black screen if the portal URL is incorrect and the app receives an error.
  • Ask your provider to send you the direct URL for the portal. It should end with “c”. These are the most common portal URL from any IPTV panels.
  • In a few cases, the StbEmu app cannot load the entire live tv and VOD collection. Contact your IPTV provider and ask them to make the playlist to include only those channel groups that you watch more often
  • Sometimes, the MAG address may also be registered in the same IPTV panel through different IPTV resellers. You will have to ask your IPTV provider to delete the MAC ID and re-add the MAC address of your device again. Also, ask your IPTV provider to reload the portal for your MAC address from the IPTV panel
  • Few cases may be due to incorrect date/time set on the StbEmu app and your TV. To fix the date/time issue, go to System Settings > Advanced Settings and change the clock source to Auto, instructing the StbEmu app to configure the date and time of the device.
  • Sometimes, the issue may be from the provider from their servers which may be overloaded or crowded. Also, your internet service provider may be blocking the connection to your IPTV provider as in Canada. Use a VPN service to test this scenario.
  • If none of the above works, uninstall and reinstall the STB Emu app again.

My StbEmu (Pro) app will not load or is not functioning correctly (loading error / server error / connection issue / screen freeze / ping problem).

  • Most of such issues is an issue with your internet. You need first to restart your internet router, wait for few minutes before starting your router again, restart your device, disconnect and then connect the internet with your STB box.
  • Always try and use ethernet connection, that is direct hard-wire connection for streaming IPTV
  • Use VPN service always to avoid blocking of service and to reduce buffering.


With we have listed the approach to setup an IPTV service on your StbEmu app on our ultimate StbEmu Guide. We have also covered detailed issues that you may face after the setup, so that you can troubleshoot the issues easily.

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