Free IPTV Channels for Roku – Update 2021

This post explains the steps to set up free IPTV channels for Roku. The method mentioned in this post are completely legal and are available from public sources that allow access to live TV channels on their app.

Roku is more a less a very closed-loop device and you cannot do much in setting up IPTV services or other services, which is possible on an Android Box, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Kodi Box, or even the Apple TV.

free iptv for roku

The entire operating system of the Roku devices are completely closed and there isn’t any application that allows IPTV service.

This allows scammers to display services that do not work on Roku devices and also try and take your credit card information, which will ultimately lead to more loss.

We have been sourcing the internet and have come up with the right method that will allow you to watch live TV channels on your Roku device for free.

The method is completely legal, as the links are obtained from public sources where the links are available on the internet.

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This method to watch free IPTV on Roku is active for the last 5-years now and will never go down.

In fact, over the few years, the number of channels to the free-to-view IPTV service for Roku has grown tremendously and the owner is maintaining the service quite frequently.

Let’s begin with the method of access free IPTV channels on the Roku device.

This method will only work on Roku devices that access the USB drive, including the TCL Roku TV. You can refer to this post to compare the Roku devices that have USB drives.

If you do not have the Roku device, you can read our section: Mirror IPTV on Roku Device

Setup Free IPTV on Roku

Before you begin, you will need a computer/laptop and a USB pen-drive on which you will download the Free IPTV m3u playlist and then connect you can connect the pen drive to your Roku device.

If you looking for an IPTV service, click here to view the Best IPTV Providers in Canada.

  • Download the following IPTV playlist on your computer:
  • You can use any browser. The file will be in the zip file, which you can then extract the zip file. Your IPTV playlist will be in an m3u file.
  • Connect your pen-drive to your computer or laptop.
  • Next, copy and paste the m3u file that you had just extracted to your pen drive. Do not create a new folder or add that file to any folder. The file should be in the root directory. Hence, do a simple copy-paste.
  • Remove the pen drive from your computer and connect the pen drive to your Roku device.
  • Roku will detect the pen drive, you can select Launch to open the Roku Media Player app.
  • Or on the Roku home, open the Roku Media Player app.
  • (If you do not have the app or cannot find the app on your Roku device, you can easily install the app from the channel store. Just search for Roku Media Player in the channel store and install the app.)

  • Once you open the Roku Media Player app, the app will scan the IPTV channels.
  • Select your USB drive.
  • Go to Videos and then select the channel you want, and the app will play the live IPTV channel for you.

If the listed IPTV channels do not play on your Roku device, ensure that you are connected over the internet through your wifi.

Also, if you get any issue with the Roku Media Player app, you can read on the official forum on Roku about the various troubleshooting steps.

Free IPTV for Roku via Mirroring

If your Roku device does not have a USB drive, you will have to use your phone to cast the Free IPTV channels to your Roku device.

Before your begin:
– Ensure that your Roku device and the casting device is connected on the same wireless network
– In your Roku device, set the Screen Mirroring Mode to Allow.

Depending on your device type, you can decide how you want to watch the channels on your Roku.

Watch IPTV on Roku by Mirroring from Android device

If you are looking for an Android TV box for better streaming, read the best Android Boxes in Canada.

  • Download and install the Perfect Player app on your Android device. (You can also install any other app that supports m3u IPTV streaming)
  • For configuring the app, open the Perfect Player, add the IPTV playlist URL.
  • Next, go back and from the Notification screen > Control Center, tap the Screen Cast icon.
  • Next, from the list of available devices, select your Roku device.
  • Finally, open the Perfect Player app, play a channel on your IPTV app, and mirror and start playing on the Roku screen.

Watch IPTV on Roku by Mirroring from iPhone device

  • Download and install the IPLAY TV app on your iPhone. You can find more info at 8 Best IPTV Apps for Apple TV
  • For configuring the app, open the IPLAYTV app, add the IPTV playlist URL.
  • Then from the App Store, install Mirror for Roku.
  • Open the Mirror for Roku app and then select your Roku device and then click Allow Permissions on the next screen.
  • Select Start mirroring and again select Start broadcast.
  • Your mobile device screen will mirror the TV.
  • Open the IPlayTV app and stream the free IPTV content to your Roku device.

Caveats – Free IPTV Roku through Roku Media Player

The Roku Media Player app is a mediocre app to play Live channels on your Roku device. It does not load the groups you set in the playlist and does not support the TV guide option.

But it plays most free IPTV content from across the world that we have on the playlist perfectly. Plus, the channels are completely free and legal without any spam or breaking the developer option on your Roku device.

We suggest trying the mirroring option to mirror the TV content on your Roku device for better stability and UI.

Disclaimer: Kindly note that our website (WittyEdge) does not promote or approve piracy of any kind in any way. The information presented to you is for educational purpose, and the responsibility to use the information is your sole responsibility, and you will be accountable for any consequences. Also, we do not own any rights or have authority over the software, products and external links mentioned in this post.

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