How to Buy Amazon Fire Stick Walmart Canada Online – Deal Inside!

Have you ever heard of the Amazon Fire TV Stick, a streaming media device? The Fire TV series from Amazon Canada enables you to stream all of your media content without interruption through the internet.

You can view live channels directly through various streaming apps, eliminating the need for a cable or satellite connection.

Amazon Fire Stick Walmart Canada

You just need a fast internet connection, which is quite common in Canada in the 20th century.

The following post will help you make the right decision to purchase the Amazon Fire TV in Canada from Walmart or other stores.

Before we begin with our post, let’s look at the few fantastic characteristics of the Fire Tv Stick.

  • The Firestick comes with 1GB of inbuilt memory
  • Amazon Fire TV Stick is a portable device (about a large USB flash drive).
  • Comes with 8GB of storage capacity.
  • Works with any high-definition television (HDTV) that has HDMI-HDCP connections.
  • Connect to any accessible home network using ultrafast wireless (wifi) connection through 802 11ac dual-band MIMO. The device lets you use wifi streaming to access up to 7,000 different applications and games at any time.
  • Is powered by a quad-core processor (CPU), which improves performance by delivering a snappy interface, smooth gaming services, quick search results, and ultra-fast streaming services.
  • Has a maximum resolution of 1080p, so you can watch crystal-clear content.

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What exactly is the Amazon FireStick Streaming Device?

You’ve probably arrived at this page because you are seriously contemplating purchasing the Amazon Fire TV Stick. As a result, before you acquire one, you should understand what the device is and what it can accomplish.

The Amazon FireStick is a plug-n-play TV streaming device that offers you access to a plethora of streaming content through the internet, comparable to the Android TV Box, Chromecast, Roku and IPTV streaming boxes, but with few unique capabilities.

This streaming stick uses the modified version of the Android OS, unlike the system that you get with pure Google devices. The FireStick employs an enhanced OS that doesn’t support standard Android features like the Google Play Store. They, for example, use the Amazon’s App Store.

You can use your Fire stick to add channels for all of your entertainment needs, such as Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, and other famous IPTV services. If you want to view any streaming entertainment, you can do it straight from your Fire TV stick.

Apps can be downloaded from the app store directly or uploaded as APKs.

  • Best Android Tv Apps – Canada Edition
  • What can I do with the Amazon Fire Stick?

    The Fire TV Stick is one of the most flexible streaming sticks on the market today, with a lot of appealing features.

    Most significantly, the device functions as an all-in-one entertainment center, eliminating the need to plug in HDMI connections or connect your TV with cords to your cable.

    Here are some additional info on FireStick’s primary features:

    The first is that the device is quite straightforward: by downloading streaming applications, you can access a significant quantity of streaming content from across the globe; if you enjoy popular applications like Netflix or Hulu, you can find them all in the Amazon App Store.

    Check Price Amazon Fire Tv Stick

    Second, you may listen to music online. Not only TV programs, movies, or sports! An excellent music streaming app will allow you to listen to your favorite performers through your streaming TV.

    Another fantastic feature is the Fire stick’s little-known ability to play games. In addition, you can download a variety of applications to diversify your entertainment experience.

    Finally, the Firestick’s Alexa functionality. Amazon’s virtual assistant, Alexa, is identical to Siri and Cortana on Apple and Google devices.

    You can directly ask Alexa questions or have her assist you in controlling your Fire stick.

    What is the price of the Amazon Fire TV Stick in Canada?

    The Amazon Fire TV Stick comes in two variants, so let’s go through them both. Of course, each model has different pricing, but it all depends on where you purchase your Fire Stick.

    The initial model of the second generation Fire Stick costs about $59.99 in Canadian dollars. It is less costly than the upgraded version, yet it provides excellent performance and value for money. It is comparable to 4K in terms of non-performance capabilities.

    The Fire Stick 4K edition is the most recent version of the Fire Stick 2nd generation. This edition is now priced at $69.99 in Canadian dollar, which is a steal given the amount of value it provides. In addition, 4K prioritizes performance and frame rate, resulting in a high-quality entertainment experience.

    We suggest shelling out an additional $10 (Canadian Dollars) for the Fire Stick 4K.

    While the improvements in performance and quality may not be immediately evident while consuming media, the difference is noticeable when you start using the streaming stick to stream online media content like IPTV or watching a 4k or high definition movies/series.

    Should you buy: the Amazon Fire TV Cube, the Fire TV Stick, or the Fire TV Stick 4K?

    This brings us to the last question: Which one of the above streaming device should you get to have the best entertainment system? Here’s a rundown of the most alternatives and how to make your decision more easy.

    However, at the end, you should have a clearer idea of which features best fit your requirements. Here are the specifications for each model.

    The price mentioned below are taken from the page. The price may change, kindly refer to the official website for the latest pricing and deal.

    2nd Gen Fire TV Stick from Amazon

    The first item we’ll talk about is the basic Amazon Fire TV Stick 2nd Generation Edition. Because this is the original, many Canadians continue to use this streaming device and do not need to upgrade to 4K. It is also the cheapest of the three variants, costing $49.99 (Canadian Dollars).

    We believe the FireStick has fantastic functionality; the Fire Stick can do most things cheaper than the 4K. The device is the best device if you looking to stream online and for live IPTV channels.

    If you do not need 4k media content, then overall, it’s a fantastic little streaming stick that does everything.

    4K Amazon Fire TV Stick

    For those of you who don’t currently own a Fire TV Stick, this is likely to be the most popular option. The Amazon FireStick 4K edition can do everything the previous model does and more.

    Its changes are mainly in the performance and video graphics areas, but they are critical for those seeking the most direct experience.

    When it comes to aesthetics, the compactness and look of the second generation FireStick and the 4K FireStick are almost identical. Unfortunately, this means that although Fire Sticks are simple to put in and use, they lack built-in connectors for charging or internet connection.

    Cube Amazon Fire TV

    In certain aspects, the Fire TV Cube differs from the FireStick series, though it shares various similar characteristics. In this Fire TV model, the primary distinctions are Alexa integration, look, and pricing.

    If you have a lot of room surrounding your entertainment setup, the Amazon Fire TV Cube is excellent. The Fire TV Cube will fit nicely in a console or TV table. Otherwise, the smaller FireSticks may be a better option.

    The Amazon Fire TV Cube has the extra benefit of being the only device on our list with an Ethernet connector. As a result, the streaming device is helpful during Live TV streaming, since wired connections are more solid and dependable.

    It is also worth noticing the pricing of this model. While it offers more excellent performance features, Alexa integration, and connection, it is also much more expensive.

    The Amazon Fire TV Cube costs almost $130 (Canadian Dollars), but is still value for money considering the cheap chinese Android TV Boxes OEMs.

    Which one of the Amazon Fire TV Collection should I purchase?

    The response may differ from person to person in Canada, but maybe this quick summary has piqued your curiosity in certain things over others. Choose Cube if you are prepared to pay for quality. The Fire Stick is the way to go if you want a small, simple, yet powerful streaming gadget.

    Where can I get a Firestick?

    Walmart is a retailer option. Walmart used to stock Firestick items. However, Walmart removed the Firestick offering from both its online and physical stores in early 2017. The following post will provide you more Amazon Fire Stick Walmart Canada Alternative options.

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    Why did Walmart Canada discontinue the Firestick?

    Walmart has discontinued its Fire TV devices in favor of Roku Express and Chromecast. Walmart must have had a falling out with Amazon or negotiated better terms with Roku / Google.

    Because Amazon has a history of delaying the availability of Fire TV inventory, this is a possibility. Some suggest that a backorder problem may have caused the loss.

    Roku and Chromecast are not suitable replacements for the Firestick. However, the Walmart-sold Chromecast and Roku Express are incompatible with Kodi or any IPTV streaming services to stream online content.

    Mi Box, Firestick Walmart Canada Substitute

    In addition, Walmart sells the Mi Box as part of their streaming device lineup. The Mi Box Android TV Box is completely compatible with various streaming apps and Live Tv support.

    The Mi Box Android Box is equally valuable as the Firestick TV. The sole distinction is that the Mi Box is not constrained by Amazon’s proprietary Android operating system (known as FireOS or Fire TV OS).

    Furthermore, the Mi Box operates more smoothly than the Firestick.

    The Best Buy – Amazon Fire Tv Stick Walmart Buy

    Best Buy, a well-known high-end electronics company, also sells the Amazon Firestick. The Firestick costs roughly $50 at Best Buy.

    Other places where you can buy the Firestick

    Best Buy and Amazon are now the significant physical stores where you can purchase a Firestick. These shops are available both online and in physical locations.

    The method used is determined by the consumer’s requirement to buy the product; at Best Buy, Amazon and kijiji, you may buy the product online and then pick it up at the local store.

    In addition, Amazon provides two-day delivery from the date of purchase for consumers; a few days more than Amazon, Best Buy also ship your order and ships it right to your house but the delivery times may be delayed.

    Where Can I Buy a Firestick Canada Online?

    Nowadays, an increasing number of shops offer their items online, in brick-and-mortar locations, or both.

    Purchasing a Firestick from an online retailer such as Amazon vs various other retailers. The following are the distinctions between these two options:

    Amazon is the primary seller of Firesticks; a Firestick with Alexa Voice Remote costs $50 (Canadian Dollars) on Amazon.
    The Firestick is available online from Best Buy for about $50 (Canadian Dollars) but the stocks may be limited.

    Get the Latest Amazon Fire TV Stick Deal

    On eBay, some people sell Firesticks. Be aware of users selling jailbroken Firesticks,”loaded” Android TV Boxes and other similar items. Of course, the best option is to get a real Firestick and install streaming application on it yourself in around 10 minutes!

    Other retailers, such as Newegg, may also offer the Firestick, but the one mentioned above is the largest and finest. Except for eBay, all of the listed shops provide some guarantee. They will also send you tracking numbers, delivery confirmations, and other information to guarantee that you get your Firestick.

    Why should you purchase a Firestick Canada Walmart Alternative online?

    Some items, such as those sold by Best Buy or Staples, may not be accessible in physical shops because physical shops are slightly biased in restocking the streaming sticks.

    Because there isn’t a significant demand for the supplies, they are refilled in the shops. On the other hand, online retailers primarily deal with shipping and delivery services, allowing you to shop whenever you want.

    Purchasing Online vs. Purchasing in Stores – Fire TV Stick

    The only difference between purchasing a Fire Stick online and at a shop is the delivery time.

    If you purchase a Firestick at a physical location, such as Walmart or Best Buy or Staples, you can begin streaming immediately.

    However, if you order the Firestick online, you will have to wait at least a day for it to arrive. This situation is because Amazon may mail your purchase the same day you place it.

    Most Amazon orders, on the other hand, arrive within two business days. Purchasing a Firestick at an actual shop is therefore even quicker.

    Why should you purchase a Firestick online?

    Online shopping is convenient. Buying from an online retailer is quite handy in terms of the amount of time and energy you spend shopping. In addition, internet businesses employ images and videos to explain their items in depth.

    Online shopping sites have made their websites more straightforward and easy to use to help folks who are not tech-savvy.

    Furthermore, several of them provide instructions on how to utilize the things they sell. In other words, most people prefer to purchase online from the comfort of their own homes rather than taking the time to stroll around the store.

    Benefits of Purchasing a Firestick at a Store

    Some clients are more conservative than others. Many individuals prefer to buy in shop rather than online, and large retailers with online platforms, such as Best Buy, value this heritage.

    Best Buy offers an online platform as well as several storefronts in various places. Users may look for Best Buy locations near them on the company’s website. They may then immediately pick up the product.

    You can also look through the store’s inventory. This will also help you to look around and check the latest technologies for streaming that are available in the market.

    The prices vary. Because of the convenience they provide, some internet retailers charge more than brick-and-mortar retailers. For example, if you search for Firestick Walmart online, you will immediately discover that Amazon, or Best Buy are the best possibilities.

    When purchasing online, it is critical to review all product characteristics and do a personal inspection. The best option is go with the retailers mentioned in this post as they have are popular in Canada.


    If you want to purchase Firestick Canada Walmart device, you should go to Amazon Canada or Best Buy or Staples.

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