How to Fix Netflix Error 0013? – Tip to Solve the Issue Forever!

This post talks about the problem and solution to fix Netflix Error 0013 on any Android device, especially your android tv box, so that you do not miss out on enjoying your entertainment streams.

So on a fine night, we lay on our couch and plan to see an interesting tv show on Netflix. We have our popcorn ready, with our cola.

Fix Netflix Error 0013

And, everything is set. We open our best android OTT streaming box, and run up the Netflix app.

Yikes! an error 0013 hits right at you on your face. Your plans are gone for a toss, and you do not know what to do.

Don’t worry we have everything covered about the the problem and the solution to fix this glaring Netflix Error 0013.

Hit straight to the solution to fix Netflix error on your streaming device.

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When do you get this Netflix error 0013?

When you attempt to stream a TV show or movie on the Netflix app, on the start-up, you get the error saying

“Sorry, we could not reach the Netflix service. Please try again later. If the problem persists, please visit the Netflix website (0013).”

This issue may occur on any android device that is your Android TV Box, TV stick, mobile phone or android tablet.

What is the Netflix Error 0013 all about?

This is a more compatibility issue or issue with the device cache, and the system cannot establish connection with your Netflix account.

You start getting this error, after few seconds, as soon as you start playing content on the app. You can however, use the application to browse the entire collection and check out the settings session.

This means that there is no issue with the app itself, but a mis-configuration in connecting with the Netflix server and authenticating your account.

Here, the frustrating point is you can simply close the pop-up and go to the main menu or access the More button, which does not provide any help or solution.

Why is my Android TV Box facing the error 0013?

We simply cannot pinpoint an exact cause of this error 0013, and we do not have answer from Netflix as well.

Here, the main problem is version of the Netflix that you have installed. Over time, Netflix keeps updating their system, but the system may not be compatible with the Netflix app installed on your android device.

The app frequently gets updated with time, and this breaks the app on the device, since it is facing a compatibility issue. We need to move a version of the Netflix that is more stable or to the default version that is installed on the android device.

Another reason may be that Netflix cache or data may bring about a problem in with the system data. This is a minor or the best case fix, which will help you troubleshoot the problem.

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  • We recommend to delete cache, data, uninstall and reinstall the entire Netflix app with the working version

    How to fix Netflix 0013 error?

    First, you need check the current version of your Netflix app, and see if the application has undergone an update or not.

    • On your android device, go to Settings > Applications > Netflix app.
    • Click Force Stop to stop any process that is running the application.
    • Then, click on Storage > Click Clear Data and Clear Cache.
    • Next, again to Settings > Backup > Restore Factory Settings. This will restore the default, pre-installed app on your android device.
    • After completion, open the app. In most case the error should be resolved.

    The above steps erases the existing app and its filled data and cache, and replaces with the system default Netflix app.

    In case, the above steps do not work, then simply uninstall the app. Go to the ApkMirror and search for the Netflix version 4.8.3. Install this version. The version is known to work across all android device, including kodi tv boxes.

    We can see the version of your current Netflix app from Settings > Applications > Netflix.

    How to Fix Netflix Error 0013 on Android Tv Box?

    Updated Fix (Root Users – Android TV)

    Every Android box, by default, has root access. The problem of Netflix app not working is attributed to the file, which causes the problem.

    To solve the Netflix error 0013 issues:

    • Open the file explorer app. Ensure you use a root file explorer. Click here for the link to the app.
    • Go to /system/vendor/lib
    • Rename to libdrmdecrypt.soX
    • Close the file explorer app.
    • Reboot your tv box
    • Start your Netflix app.

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    How to prevent Netflix from updating automatically?

    Now that the above steps have fixed your error, it makes no sense to allow your android system to update the app again to the version that cause the error 0013 to appear.

    Perform the following steps to stop the Netflix app from auto-updating:

    • Open Google PlayStore app.
    • Under My Apps, open Netflix app.
    • Tap the options icon, that is the three dots, which you see.
    • Clear the Automatically Update option.

    Conclusion – Fix Netflix Error 0013

    Many time, the Netflix app behaves weirdly and due to which, this spoils our experience in streaming. The best advice is to simply restart the application, and reboot your tv box.

    Most likely, these two options should resolve most of the problems that you may face with the Netflix app.

    We are trying to research and find various ways to solve the issue that you may face with your android tv streaming box or your kodi device.

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