Top 3 Tips for World-class Outdoor Pics

3 tips for best outdoor photosShooting outdoor photos in the live environment can be a very daunting task for everyone of us, ever since the lighting or the brightness may be very tricky to understand and get it right for newbies and professional that love to use their Instant Polaroid cameras regularly.

We all love clicking outdoor pictures, since nature is the best studio and all our moments are there when we are outdoor on an event, rock show, picnic, wedding or any other celebration with our loved ones. We love the bright sunlight, the beautiful nature, trees, flowers, birds, the blue sky, and the clear wavy beach filled with pristine sand castles. All these elements help us fill our camera with the best and most beautiful pictures to preserve till lifetime.

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But, shooting outdoors, like we talk earlier, posses threes questions and we should remember them, since we do not want to waste out on our expensive instant films.

  • How much light do I need for a photo?
  • What is the best angle for my photograph?
  • How do I click the best moments that makes a lasting impression?

Presenting to you a post, where we list our top 3 tricks and tips to get the best outdoor photo from your beloved best instant camera.

Before moving our guide, ensure that you set the proper light correction mode on your instant camera for every shot that you take for better results.

1. Golden Era During the Day

In a day, for few moments, the weather on the outside is extremely perfect for photography, one at the sunrise and one at sunset. During these times of the day, the light on the outside is very warm and bright, with the absence of overexposure. The brightness is perfect for your favorite. You can head out in the open to find the most exciting moment to capture during these two time periods.

In the early mornings, the sun provides a proper bliss with nature, and the surrounding looks really pretty, while during sunset, the wind around goes back to becoming much cooler, while the surrounding gets a more on the softer side, giving you a great picture with soft edges, giving you the perfect Instagram filter provided by mother nature.

Pictures in the morning will be more warm and saturated in the bright light, a perfect moment to snap on those early moments.

These moments may not last long, depending on the outside weather conditions.

2.  Move Along with the Light

A major tips or point to bring out is that always ask your subject to be facing towards the lights at an angle and not directly facing the sunlight, or your photos would turn up pretty overexposed. You need to figure out the right angle that brings about the perfect lighting conditions for your subject and your photographs.

The angle you seek would just about bring a light glow on the face on your subject, that you can easily catch, during the course of your photo session.

Ensure that the subject you take photos of do not bend away from the light too much, or you would end up with too much shadows on your instant film.

During the golden era at sunset, make use of the gloomy weather and play with your back light settings to take your perfect image. The surrounding light will have a blissful radiating effect around your subject and give the much needed life to your photos.

3. Try Different

Clicking portraits image the routine way may not always get you the best possible pictures of your subjects. The third important rule we make is to get to down and try many different poses and position to click your favorite moments. A different perspective all always yield a much better and desired result than the routine snaps.

Get to ground and find various new angles to get the most interesting collage of your pictures. Another interesting tip is that, if your take pictures from a low position, makes your subject look much more taller and positioned in their frame, giving you more canvas for your photos. Also, you can also use the macro shots for clicking beautiful flowers, insects, leaves, pets, etc.

With that we have covered the three top tips that will help you snap the most amazing outdoor photos with your instant camera. Just remember timing you photo right, with adequate natural light and interesting angles, will definitely lead you to click the most beautiful moments you want in your lifetime.


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