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We all know that clicking a photograph needs skills, and the most important part of an instant camera is print a great photo. So anyone owning an instant camera should follow the below guide that we have captured here to get the best print on your desired Polaroid instant film, as we all know how expensive our beloved instant films are.

The guide we specify will truly help in saving on your film and getting the best desired print.


Polaroid Instant Cameras are a new trend that we feel will stick on for people in the millennial age, since the instant camera brings to us the feeling of holding our favorite moment in our hands and saving them till lifetime, giving it the modern edge over the new or technology advanced digital cameras in the market. But, you need to observe and follow the 4 rules, so that you don’t ruin your instant film and print the best quality moment to have it with you forever.

1.  Ensure Adequate Lighting

Lighting is one of the major factors, when it comes to clicking your subjects. Ensure that there is ample of light to capture your image. We have covered most of these tips in our post on the 7 Checkpoint for That Perfect Photo. With ample of natural lights, you’ll end up having the best lively and real photograph.

2.  Developing Your Film

Once you have clicked your favorite opportunity, you will need to print and develop your photo on your film. Now, here is the important part.

Click your images in light, while you develop your films in the dark.

That’s right! you need to always and we say always develop or print your images in areas where there is no sun or brightness, try and use the dark shadows for your film. Your pictures will be ample saturated and not more dark, and will truly be a fabulous image, when you see it later in your lifetime.

The reason for this is that the sun and light may cause your favorite photo to fade up and not produce the desired result you looking for in a photograph.

3.  Do Not Shake the Films

Let the films develop on their own and at their sweet time. Do not rush in developing your print. We all knew that shaking the film will print the photos faster, but that is a myth and not true. Shaking will cause your picture to break in a couple of places and may not look favorable. Hence, hold it till it develops up fine.

4.  Never Rush

Patience is what is needed when you take or shoot pictures, not only if you use the instant digital camera, but any modes of photography. Always take a pause in between your shots. Learn and observe your surrounding and wait for that perfect moment to grab your best picture.

When it comes to shooting with your instant digital camera, always maintain a pause, cause we all know how expensive the digital instant films are and we do not want to waste our beloved films on pictures, which we feel are not worth. You’ll be disappointed in the long run for sure, if you do not have the patience.

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With that, we can finally conclude on our best tips you should follow when you print your favorite photo using the instant Polaroid camera. Do visit our Informedia section for more details.

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