7 Checkpoint for That Perfect Photo

A camera and a subject both are the two vital elements for any photo. And, both these two need to become one to get the perfect shot.

checklist-pictures-instant-cameraIn first of our informedia post, we talk about a set of tricks that you should follow to capture those perfect moments, or times that you really longed for a camera to shoot those elegant moments using the best instant camera. Let’s start so that you are camera ready with our instant camera list.
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1. Get Close to Your Subject

If you are using a digital instant camera, then always ensure that you close as possible to your subject. The minimum distance, the better the shot, to be precise atleast around 2 metres away from your photo.

Do not, I repeat, do not be too close, or you will end up having pictures that are out of focus.

Make use of the old-fashioned viewfinder to focus on your subject. If you are using the brand new Polaroid Snap Touch, then you can narrow down on your picture through the touch panel. Try and analyze the distance of the subject, and get the best position close to grab a perfect snapshot.

2. Tell a Story in Your Photos 

Photos are a joyful tangible reference to all our wonderful moments in our life. Try and create to use the freedom of your photography skills to recreate a wonderful story concept that you can cherish throughout your life, and have a remembrance for all the pictures you take on a camping trip or an event with family and friends, to live to tell a story.

3. Decision to Nab What You Need in Your Picture

A picture always speaks a thousand words, hence always ensure to keep the background of all your pictures clear. Remove or do not capture backgrounds that do not gel with your moment.

Try to keep the focus on your subject and moment.

4. Surprise Shots Are Best

We all love surprises and you will get the most enjoyable moments, if you take pictures of your loved one, unexpectedly, when they do not expect one. You are gonna enjoy this tip in the future, when you’ll be viewing all your moments you had taken in your life, at the exact moment, and relive those moments again.

5. Create Slide Shows

A collage of all your instant films will act as a symbol of remembrance of all the happy moments you enjoyed and captured with your instant camera. You can sit with your loved ones and relive, laugh again at all the pictures.

6. Live Every Pictures

Boring pictures usual those self-posing shots are passe and not the trend in today’s times. Make your subject feel comfortable and ask them to think about their happy moments, while they pose for that great picture.

Ask them to give a simple smile, rather than the chessy “Say Cheese”.

Laugh along while you click your shots, Crack those lame jokes, and them feel comfortable and relaxed for their wonderful picture.

7. Camera Hardware

Before you take your favorite shot, ensure that all your settings are correct and working fine. You don’t want to miss chance of losing your favorite enjoyable moments. Check your lens, to ensure that there no finger prints, which may cause problems in focusing.

Ensure that your auto focus or if you use the manual focus are all working fine. Learn to control how to focus on your subjects. Next, set the best ISO setting for your pictures.

The best ISO setting for your instant film is the ISO 80.

Always ensure you pick the best setting based on your surrounding to get the perfect picture on your film that is deeper in saturation and is more vibrant and lively.

Finally, ensure to load films in your instant camera. Keep your batteries charged up and replace weak batteries. In case, you use a memory card, delete pictures that you don’t require.

With all the settings done, you can now go ahead and enjoy clicking all your pictures and moments with ease.

Click all you best pictures using these tips, and enjoy the best output from the best instant camera on market.

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